Once your company blog has attracted great guest writers, what can you do to keep them? This becomes especially tricky for businesses that cannot compensate these contributions to the site — can you offer anything in lieu of a check to keep them returning? No matter what your budget looks like, or if you have one at all, there are several things you can do to retain strong bloggers and continue building a rapport together.

1. Make the most of those author bios.

Generally, when a guest writer submits a piece in for publishing consideration on any blog they have a bio included at the end of the piece. This bio briefly sums up who they are and what makes them an expert on any given topic. Encourage guest bloggers to hyperlink back to a few websites of their choosing, like their writing portfolio or social media handles. The author bio shouldn’t be too long or contain spammy links that don’t make sense, but they should at least link back to where the writer can be found outside of your blog. This allows other readers to find them, follow them, and potentially reach out with blogging opportunities.

2. Catch up every now and then.

It’s pretty easy to file away a guest blogger’s information after their article has run on your site and never circle back with them again. Create a running list of the strongest guest writers you’ve had contribute to your site and check in with them occasionally. Tell them how much you liked their initial post and see if they would be interested in contributing again or on a semi-regular basis.

3. Follow them on social media.

You already know what their handles are, so why not have your brand’s social media accounts, like Twitter and Instagram, follow the guest writer’s handles? They might already be following you, so it’s a good idea to return the favor.

4. Share their content more than once via social.

Far too often, guest blog posts are a one and done experience. The writer writes the article, submits it for publication, it runs on the site, and is shared via social once it’s up. That’s the general lifespan, unfortunately. Go against the grain by resharing the same blog posts from guest writers again. Play around with the captions and wording, tag the writer, use a fun GIF image, and add emojis so it doesn’t look dull or repetitive.

5. Learn more about them by visiting their website.

Curiosity isn’t going to kill the cat in this case. Chances are that your favorite guest bloggers have existing portfolios to their work that you can explore on their websites. They may even have a blog of their own — one that you can contribute to in return!