23103437801_486a8620a3Great content for your personal brand’s blog is a good start, but what about spreading the word in order to attract more readers? There are many effective strategies available, including cross promotion on social media and other publishing platforms. Key steps can also ensure your content gets the most traction online.

How to rise above the crowd

With the right social media marketing strategy in place the next step is to take advantage of management services along with a well-planned email marketing strategy. Thankfully there are several great resources available at low cost that can help you promote your content.

Your brand should be posting to all of the relevant social networks in your niche. Take a look at where your competitors are sharing and the most popular places that your community likes to engage on.

Here are five ways to attract the most readers for your personal brand’s blog posts:

  • Cross promote to other popular news websites – Sharing your articles on places like Reddit, Digg, Delicious and Quora can help your brand attract a whole new audience. Your content can be viewed by thousands of visitors each day who you can interact with and bring to your website and other social networks.
  • Engage in other blogs – Seek out professional blogs in your niche, and start a natural conversation that is not promotional. Not only will they become interested in your own website, but will be most likely willing to share your content when you spread the news on theirs.
  • Create a video, presentation or infographic – Recirculate an older article with the main points inside of an eye-catching graphic or video. This is easy to do with online services and word processing software and will especially attract a mobile audience. Build more website subscribers by including this type of content as a free bonus which can be used to offer more products or services later.
  • Re-share existing blog content – If you have received a favorable response on a particular article then schedule this several times throughout the year to continuously share on social media. Additionally you can add updated information and graphics and create a newer version for your own blog or on other publishing platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.
  • Approach other blog owners – After building a relationship and interacting on other blogs contact the people in charge of content and offer your writing as a guest blogger with examples and social proof. This is a great way to create visibility for your brand on other websites and further establish you as an expert.

By tapping into these five strategies your personal brand can gain more traction and attract a larger audience for your blog content. Keep in mind that this is a building process and one that is established through relationships. The more quality content you produce the more opportunities will become available, especially as you promote other influencers in your industry.