Once you have developed your site and have generated a steady flow of traffic, you should take steps to increase your blogs profitability. However, there is a common misconception that in order to increase the value you have to dedicate a large amount of time and effort to the process. This is simply not true. If you take the time to carefully consider your options you can find methods to maximize the profitability of your blog without having to invest a lot of time or money.

#1 Pay Per Click Ads

This is one of the easiest and most widely used methods to increase the value of your blog. Google Adsense offers both image and text advertisements based on the content on your blog. Each time a visitor to your blog clicks the ad you receive a monetary compensation. The amount you make depends on the following factors: the value of the keywords on your site and the amount of traffic you have to your blog.

Text links are typically only going to increase the value of your blog if you get linked to other sites frequently. If you have this then you can make a substantial income from the links. The rates that you earn for the text links are dependent on your PR. Some popular text link sites to get started with include Text Link Ads and Link Worth.

#3 Cost-Per-Thousand Ads

This method of advertisement is often appealing to blog owners because your readers do not actually have to click the ad for you to receive payment. Simply provide the ad and receive a rate. However, the downside to this method is the fact that the rates can be as low as $0.10 per every thousand impressions. A network to try out for these ads is Conversant Media (formerly known as ValueClick).

#4 RSS Feed Ads

This allows you to add feeds to the content you offer your readers. While there are not many options when it comes to earning money off of the feeds the ones that are available allow your readers to access other sites that are similar and increase their rate of return to your site. Some popular places to access these types of ads include Pheedo and Feedburner.

#5 Reinvesting Your Earnings

This is perhaps the most crucial way that you can increase the value of your blog. For every dollar you earn through ads and other methods you should reinvest at least half of the money to new advertising methods. This can ensure that you will continue earning your money by investing in new advertising methods.

By using the methods listed here, you may see an increase in the profit your blog can generate for you. Keep in mind, that while it is important to diversify your advertising methods, you should also limit the amount of ads that are seen on the site. Also, it may be a process of trial and error to see what methods your readers respond to. If one does not result in any additional income you should move on and try one of the other methods.