More business-to-business (B2B) marketers and companies have either started new blogs or amped up their content this year than in previous years. Even so, many readers choose to believe that B2B blogs must be boring. I personally oppose this belief and think B2B blogging can and should be just as “sexy” as any other blogging.

Many B2B bloggers face real or perceived challenges in creating content for their websites; this could be due to their own traditional marketing hang-ups or company policies, for example. Sure, the subject of your company’s B2B blogging may not be the most exciting, but you can still generate excitement about it…and even make it “sexy.” One of the biggest keys to successful B2B blogging lies in creating content which resonates within your intended target audience.

Accomplish this and you’ll certainly start bringing sexy back with your B2B blogging.

These are five ways to make your B2B content less boring and more sexy.

Sexy B2B Blogging Tip #1: Tantalize your audience with storytelling

Storytelling is all the rage in B2B blogging right now, and for a good reason – people love good stories. Storytelling with your content takes your readers to places in their minds where they feel comfortable. Even better is when your stories mean something to them and they can relate to your message because you are “speaking their language.”

Storytelling allows you, the B2B blogger, to introduce yourself while giving potential clients more information about your solutions and/or company – all without a pushy sales pitch.

Sexy B2B Blogging Tip #2: Thrill your audience by giving them value

According to a recent survey by Pardot, 72% of 400 B2B buyers began their research with a Google search, and 70% of them returned to the Internet at least 2-3 more times for further investigating. Most of the buyers in the study preferred shorter pieces of information at a time. As well, they sought content which provided value to them at their current stage within the purchasing cycle.

Through B2B blogging, you can provide the value your audience needs and craves. Take time to become familiar with the current trends and happenings within your industry, since this will help you understand more about your potential clients’ interests. As you share your understanding and knowledge of the issues that matter to them – along with solutions for and answers to their questions – you are well on your way to providing the outstanding value your audience deserves.

Sexy B2B Blogging Tip #3: Seduce your audience by being yourself

Who says your company blog has to be boring, just because your industry is? Of course, you are dealing with professionals…but they are just as human as you. As a blogger, you lend a real voice to your company.

Make your content useful and helpful, of course, but don’t hesitate to add your personal touch. You may have only once chance to woo your reader so do what you can to wow them. Express your passion about your topic, i.e., your company, and your audience will pick up on it through your writing. On the other hand, they can spot phonies in a heartbeat, so never force or fake your content. Be natural and be yourself.

Sexy B2B Blogging Tip #4: Romance your audience by listening to their desires

This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip #2. One of the best ways to understand your audience is to listen. And listen. Then listen some more. Social media provides great listening opportunities, so being a social brand is essential.

Learn where your audience hangs out online, then utilize those social media channels to network and engage with your potential clients. Being social also shows your audience the human side of your brand, which goes a long way in developing trust and long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Sexy B2B Blogging Tip #5: Bring your audience back to your place for the real action

No need to keep this one on the down-low…this is strictly about lead generation. If your “sexy” content has properly wooed and captivated your readers, you don’t want to leave them hanging.

Whether you blog as your own business or as a representative for a brand, you want to ensure your articles have distinct calls-to-action which either point readers back to your website or otherwise provide them with ways to contact you directly. When leads arrive at your website, you should, of course, have a place for them to leave their contact information.

WordPress, for example, offers a wide variety of widgets and plugins designed specifically for the purpose of lead capture. Depending on your blogging and/or website platform, you should be able to easily set up a contact form and/or squeeze page to encourage leads to indicate their interest in learning more about you and your business.

So…are you ready to bring sexy back with your B2B blogging and satisfy your audience?

I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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