From a strange new concept that many people didn’t quite understand, to an Internet phenomenon that has become an integral part of nearly every company website, the blog has not just evolved, it has taken over.

Whether serving as a simple personal diary or a complex corporate content management system, the blog can do it all. Endless configurability, and plugins for every platform give a blog infinite possibilities and benefits far beyond what even the best designed, static website can offer.

Aside from the technical benefits of a blog, the platform also provides certain benefits for you, the blogger, too. That’s right, blogging is actually good for you. Have you ever stopped to think about how blogging has affected you, how it’s helped you grow?

Blogging Makes You A Better Writer

Ask any writing coach or teacher what makes a writer better and they will all give you the same answer — writing. Like anything else, the more you do it, the better you become at doing it. Just by sitting down and writing a new post every week or every day, even when you’re not in the mood, you’re improving your writing skills. If you’ve been blogging for more than a few months, you undoubtedly write faster and better. Go ahead and compare your earlier work to your most recent, you’ll see the difference.

Blogging Makes You Smarter

Anyone who writes a lot also reads a lot. It’s rare to be able to write something completely from your mind. There’s always research to be done and facts to be checked. Like it or not, if you’re constantly writing, you’re constantly learning too. If you’ve worked on more than one blog you’ve probably got a trove of strange facts in your head that you never would have learned if you didn’t have to write about them.

Blogging Makes You A Skillful Researcher

The skills you develop for finding what you need will spill over into other areas of your life. As you become faster and more proficient at digging for information, you’ll soon find that you can cut through the clutter and confusion of everyday life in a way that you never could before. You’ll be much less likely to fall for scams or trust false information. You’ll gain an instinct for knowing when you’ve got the right answer and when you should keep digging.

Your Memory Will Improve

Just as your body gets stronger when you challenge yourself and exercise, so does your brain. Putting something together for a blog is like pushing your mind through a decathlon. You’re researching and writing, learning and thinking. All of that activity makes you sharper and allows you retain more of what you take in.

You Will Become An Expert

Especially if you blog mainly about one topic, you will develop an identity as an expert in your field if you keep at it and keep growing. Persistence pays off, and it’s a great feeling when it does. It’s inevitable. When you add up all of these other benefits, how could you not become an expert in whatever field you’re writing about?