For the majority of us, keeping our company’s business blog up-to-date with posts that promote our products or services, our expertise, and news relevant to our industry seems more like a full-time job than a quick and easy marketing activity. With marketing budgets tight and your time precious, updating your blog may be the last thing on your mind. However, creating a content diary could, in fact, create some great plus points for your wider company.


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Businesses who blog on a regular basis generate 67% more leads than those who don’t

The business blogging stat above is exactly why you should put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to create content for your blog. Here we take a look at just five reasons why you should show your business blog some love.

Build customer loyalty

Customers are savvier than ever these days, which makes customer loyalty a difficult thing to come by in many respects. Customers will always be on the lookout for a better bargain or what they think is a better quality product, which can make them head over to the dark side (i.e. your competitors) almost as quickly as they came to you. Building customer loyalty through your company’s blog is just one advantage of creating content for your website, and choosing topics that really engage readers is a great place to begin.

Highly-engaged customers buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction,…

Show your expertise

Showing your expertise goes hand-in-hand with building customer loyalty; after all, who wants to buy from a company that doesn’t know their products, services, and wider industry inside out? With a bit of tender loving care and a few well-timed, topical blog posts, your blog can become a resource that customers need; whether you want to write about what makes your products or services better than the rest, detail how best to use your products or services, or share news and insights that are relevant to your market. The ultimate goal is to create value and trust in your company, however, you have to ensure that you know your customers’ journey and give them what they need to make an informed decision.

Generate traffic

Getting people to your website is difficult, and big name brands will spend tens of thousands of dollars every month completing tasks to achieve just that. You don’t have to have a big budget to get your website out there to the people who matter – your customers.


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Your blog is a vital part of the website traffic puzzle, especially if the content you publish on your blog is relevant, engaging, and interesting. People will visit your website for the advice, news, and insights available on your blog, which means they are in the perfect place to purchase any goods or services that they need in relation to the blog they’ve just read – it’s a win-win for both you and your customers. Here’s a quick statistic from TrafficGenerationCafe to cement the power of blogging to gain traffic – once up to 54 posts (I know it sounds like a lot, but with two or three posts per week you’ll get there in no time!) are written for and published on your onsite blog, traffic coming to the average website increases by up to 30%. That’s you gaining almost a third more customers!

Increase your social presence

Updating your social media channels, such as the likes of Facebook and Twitter, is also an excellent way to promote your company and its wares for free, but what should you publish? Your published blog posts will provide all the inspiration you need when it comes to filling your social media profiles with information that is made for your target audience. Sharing the URLs of individual blog posts with your social network, along with a short and snappy introduction to the piece, will provide a direct route to your website and your online store.


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Promote yourself

Promoting yourself and the products or services that are precious to your company is, of course, the main aim of any marketing activity, no matter how basic. Your onsite blog provides the perfect portal to shout loud and proud about your brand and the amazing work your team does on a daily basis. Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing news about your company. From sharing information about new team members, promotions, and staff achievements to revealing the ins and outs of the items within your product suite, new services, goods in the pipeline, or those that have just come onto the market, readers and potential customers want to hear it all! Be cautious about being overly promotional, however, and make sure you balance promotional material with topical and interesting posts that readers will find useful and informative.

Getting started with your business blog couldn’t be easier and, as you can see, there are so many reasons why it pays to publish.