Building a business online is no small feat. It requires a good plan, a good product (or service), and a deft sense of marketing and advertising. With all these things in place, there’s still an element of luck and special tact that goes into determining whether or not you end up successful. There is one thing that almost all successful online business have in common, though – a blog. It’s possible, at least in theory, to set up a wonderfully successful, vibrant online community without one, but it rarely happens in practice. Here are 5 reasons you need a blog to build a business online.

AttentionMore Attention

When you have a blog on your website, you’ll presumably have frequent updates, as well. This draws your readers to your site more often, which means they’ll be more frequently exposed to your website. This, in turn, means they’ll be more familiar with your business and products – so they’ll be more likely to buy from you in the future, because they’ll be more comfortable with you as a prospective business partner. This makes for more frequent purchases on their part, which makes for more buiness, which makes for more money in the coffers . . . You see where we’re going with this.

Frequent Updates

The more you update your site, the more people will be willing to check out what you’re doing and share it with their friends. More importantly, frequent updates make you an authority on your subject – after all, if you’ve got a lot to say about whatever you’re selling or working with – so much to say you’re making daily updates, in fact – then you must be an authority, right? This drives your customers to trust you, refer you, and consider you first, before anyone else, thus drawing even more business.


Another nice thing about blogs is that you can easily communicate with your readers and potential customers. When people rad your work, they can comment on your pieces, discuss them with one another, discuss them with you, and then share them with their friends and family so that they can see what you do, too.


Websites are static – that’s the nature of a website set up for business. You put some information up, that information doesn’t really change, and when you make updates, you usually do so quietly. Blogs are great for your readers because they’re dynamic, exciting – they can come on every day and see a new post, a new comment on an old article, or re-read something they saw quite a while ago. This allows them to really participate with you, which is just what you need for good business.

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Personal Message

A basic fact about the psychology of business is that people won’t buy unless they trust you. How better to get them to trust you than to seem a friend? Of course, it’s hard to go meet everyone you’re doing business with – but by sharing opinions and other personal takes online through your blog, you’ll connect much more strongly than you would if you just had a site based on factual information.

Now it’s your turn!

Hope these tips helped you and is there anything you can add to the list?  Please share your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!