Hit the target! Write a successful blog today.

There are 200 over million blogs in the internet today. The question is, how can our blog stand out from the clutter? How to make a successful blog such that we could generate a decent income out of it? What is the secret formula behind those highly popular blogs which can easily ear millions of dollars for their bloggers.

There is no secret formula; those high earning bloggers do not make their millions overnight. However, from my observation,  they follow exactly close to the “Five Powerful Steps to Blogging Success”.

1. Theme

A successful blog needs to have a very strong theme. The theme represents your brand persona. So, it is very important that you focus on creating a strong theme or niche that relates closely to what you want the public to see you as.

What is your blog theme? What is your story about?

If you want people to see you as a  photography expert, your blog should be all about photography and nothing else. If you want to be seen as a marketing expert, share everything about marketing.

2. Original Content

Original content is what makes you unique from the rest everyone has their unique style of writing & tonality; your writing tells greatly about who you really are. Not only, it gives you a strong voice in the internet, it gives you the authority to own your niche.

Original content is your "voice" on the internet

So, be yourself. Do not imitate other bloggers or get other people to write your blog post. Be very confident of who you are.

3. Consistency

Consistency will surely reward you in the long run. I started writing my first blog post in November 2011;  within six months’ time, thirty over blogs posts have been written,  but still, there is little amount of readership.

At this particular juncture, some bloggers might have just given up; but my advice to you is, do not give up; tell yourself that you sensing success soon and continue producing more quality content to your blog.

When I completed my 50th blog post somewhere near the first anniversary of my blog, I received an invitation to speak at a local university on social media marketing strategies; then, the more I write, the more opportunities I get; and email queries will grow almost in a day-to-day basis.

Keep going. Do not stop

Consistency, enhances your brand credibility. This is because by seeing your archive of expert opinions in your blog, people will automatically perceive you as the expert in your industry.

4. Traffic Generation 

How fast you want to your blog to be successful, will also depend on how fast and expansive your traffic exposure is

No one will know about you if you did not share your blog post on the internet. The fastest method to get your blog read immediately, is to share it via social media. You could join online communities such as Linkedin groups and forums and then share the link to your blog post.

On top of that, you could also reproduce your blog articles and then post them on online magazine websites  that are closely related to your niche; guest blogging is also another effective way which you can generate more traffic to your blog.

5. Show me the Money! 

money 1

Once you know that you have a decent amount of quality blog visitors per day, you can start  making money from your blog.

Basically, there are three ways in which you could monetize from your blog. They are working moneypassive money and capital money.

Working money is where you will earn the income from people who wished to engage your professional services. This is especially good for marketing consultants, business consultants, recruiters, lawyers as well as other professionals in the B2B sector. Working money is something that you will have to “work” for.

Passive Money is leveraged income where you will generate some income from placing other people’s advertisements. It is something that you do not have to “work” for.

Capital Money is the lump sum money that you will receive eventually when you sell your blog away for a profit. Hence, you should focus on writing an interesting blog such that somebody would want to buy it from you in the future.

Like what the late Stephen Covey had said in his famous “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, that we need to Begin with the End in Mind.

At the end of the day,

Just remember that so long you apply these five powerful steps constantly, blogging success will definitely be as easy as lifting up a piece of feather. All the best to your blogging success!