Blog marketing takes creative blog promotionYou spend a lot of time making sure your blog is just right. You research, you draft, you revise and you post great information that your prospects can’t live without.

The work has its rewards: Companies that create great blogs get 55% more visits and 70% more leads than companies that don’t. But there’s a catch to that. If you’re not seeing those kind of results, it could be that while you are doing a great job creating a must read blog, you need a little help promoting it.

A great blog is a pointless exercise if you don’t tell people it’s there.

The promotion of your blog content should have already started when you wrote it by making sure it included a consistent tone and voice representing your company, features content relevant to your company’s product or service by speaking to prospect pain points and that you have use the right keywords and on-page SEO tactics to appear so that your blog will appear in search engine result pages.

Even with all of that, your blog can always use a little boost.

It’s one of the early lessons we learned here at Weidert Group when we made the commitment to blog every business day. If we were going to make that effort, we wanted to make sure that people would know where to find the blog to read it.

We put together a tip sheet that included both online and offline ways to promote your blog. We’ve also learned a lot by trial and error since then, and as voracious readers of other blogs, we have come across some pretty interesting promotion ideas from a variety of other authors.

5 New Ideas For Sharing Your Blog

Building a blog board on Pinterest

Pinterest has exploded in popularity and use in the past year to 18 months. While primarily a visual means of sharing content, if you including images and graphics in you blogs – and you should – why not use a Pinterest board dedicated to your blog to share.

Weidert Group Blog Board Pinterest

Comment on other blogs

A regular part of our Inbound Marketing routine should include commenting on relevant blog posts where you can share your expertise. But here is an interesting twist to that: When you make those comments, why not include the URLs of relevant blog posts you have written that further make your point?

Make your e-mail signature more interesting

You probably already have an e-mail signature setup that includes your social media accounts such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Why not include your latest blog post? You probably write dozens of e-mails each day, if not more, and it’s a very simple way to share. You can do it manually, or use a tool such as to automate the process.

Share with a bookmarking site

There are millions of people using bookmarking sites such a StumbleUpon or Reddit to find relevant content based on subject areas of interest or keywords. You might even be using one yourself. No reason you could not be publishing your own blogs there, potentially exposing them to millions of additional prospects.

Syndicate your blog

Having your blog published regularly on other blog sites can do wonders for attracting new prospects, especially if it is a site that aggregates content related to your industry. For example, the blogs written by the Weidert team are regularly published by the site Business2Community. We can always tell when we have hit a hot button issue with a blog they picked up because views will spike immediately.

You’re already producing a great blog, why not share it with a broader audience and increase the number of prospects who see it?

Make sure you have a great blog to promote! Check out tip sheet on 13 Ways to Keep Your Blog Stocked With Great Content.