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Being a blogger and creating your own blogging site is the easiest thing to do these days. What is more challenging is to sustain being a blogger for a long period and holding the interests of the viewers. Yes, it is true that you can create your own personal brand by writing and use it as an affordable and scalable marketing strategy, but the amount of energy and creativity put behind it can be exhausting sometimes.

The necessity of Proper Management For Blogging

Proper management of time and having a publishing schedule that can be religiously maintained are two of the most significant hurdles that you will face in the long run. Also, there is so much happening around you, choosing the right topic to write about and ignoring all the unnecessary clutter is also an art in itself. Though blogging is a very active and alive profession in this age, if you wake up in the morning overwhelmed by the amount of work piled up and your Google Docs page empty, not only is it heartbreaking, it also means that you are going wrong somewhere.

5 tips that can be adapted by you to become a more productive blogger are-

1. Plan, write and edit separately

One common mistake that bloggers tend to is multitasking. You feel that if you plan and then write and also edit simultaneously, you will save a lot of time. This has proven to be the wrong approach more often than not. Editing, in particular, should be done after you have finished your writing part. Your initial write-up may be not good enough or up to the standard that you want, but it will have all the points that you have planned to put in your article along with the main points.

You can always perfect it later by making corrections, adding quotes and research works as well as case studies. You can edit multiple times unless you achieve the perfection you want but do that only after your first terrible draft is completely prepared. Making corrections as you write will not only hinder your flow of ideas and thoughts but will also slow down your progress significantly.

2. Play soothing music while working

You must have heard of the famous saying that music was always meant to be enjoyed, even our heart has a beat. Listening to music while working will benefit you. According to various researchers, music has a positive effect on your creativity, controls your mood better and helps you hold on to information longer.

It not only increases your attention span but also helps you fight through anxiety which might be an obstacle in your writing. The type of music you listen to is also important. Soft, calming and soothing music is recommended.

3. Block your distractions

In today’s world, there are more than one options to throw a person out of their groove. Being a blogger means you will be flooded with newsletters, emails, messages etcetera from all the nooks and corners of the world. On top of that, there are many social media forums which have a lot of engaging content to keep you hooked. All of this will act as a distraction for you and will interfere with your progress as you will be investing too much time fanning these distractions without getting any productive work done. Imagine replacing all the time you wasted on Instagram and YouTube and using it to write better. You would have done a lot better.

4. Engage users to generate content

There is so much content floating around on the internet, and you might be exhausted of ideas sooner than you think. You must have a dedicated section of viewers, and you can throw the ball at their court and ask for their opinions and views. All you have to do is relax and sit back and look for content among the various suggestions you get.

By applying this tactic, you can also become the ambassador of your viewers who will help you gain more popularity. What is important is that you make your webpage attractive to generate more interests among readers. There are many web hosting platforms to do that, iPage being the leading brand. You can read the review of iPage for more details about their web hosting procedure.

5. Use the 2-minute rule

All the famous bloggers follow this. This rule goes like if you anticipate that work can be done within 2 minutes or less, do it immediately, without procrastinating and leaving it for later as the best outcome that you can achieve out of it is in that 2 minutes itself.

It will generally be a work that actually does not require a lot of time but something you tend to keep avoiding, for whatever reasons. Tending to those immediately will save considerable time later.

Once you start following these tips, you will realize you can overcome the lag that you encountered in your creativity and productivity, and new and better contents will be easier to come by.