Video blog is becoming more popular nowadays, since people are generally feel the need to express their opinions in audio visual rather than in plain text. A regular blog contains a plain text, which means that it is a place for reading, which not everyone will enjoy visiting. But, a video blog contains video, which means that it is a place for watching, and almost everyone loves watching. So, if you want to create a good video blog that will attract people’s attention, you should focus on the entertainment value of your blog. Here are 5 essential tips to create a traffic-pulling video blog that worth watching:

1.    Create A Schedule For Your Video Release

It is always better to release your video regularly rather than sporadically. In this way, your audience can expect your videos on your blog. If you create a schedule for your video release, you will make the whole process easier for you. You can also schedule the time when you start creating your video, editing it, and finally releasing it. It will make everything in order, and of course, it will help your blog to gain even more trust from your audience because of your consistency.

2.    Focus On Just One Simple Niche

Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. In video blogging, it is always better for you to focus on one simple niche that you enjoy much. In this way, you will also enjoy creating your videos. It should be the niche that you personally interested in, because if you love the niche, you’ll love your work. Creating videos is not an easy task to do. You need to spend hours and hours per day in order to come up with high quality video that worth watching. That’s why you should focus on the niche that you’re interested in. But, don’t forget to measure the profitability of your niche as well.

3.    Use Your Own Unique Style In Your Video

Your presentation style within your video will affect people’s perception toward it. Remember that you should use your own unique style in your video that is different from other similar videos. Uniqueness is always important in your video blogging business because you want to be different and attract people’s attention accordingly. Create a presentation template for your video and use this template in each of your video release.

24736856-1000-391-rounded4.    Each Release Shouldn’t Be More Than 30 Minutes

The video duration is very important because people will either watch your video from start to finish or they will leave your video in the middle because they feel bored about it. Keeping your viewers engaged toward your video is imperative if you want to keep attracting more traffic to your video blog. You should avoid making videos that are too long for your viewers to watch. Short and catchy videos are always the best option for you. Don’t create videos with more than 30 minutes duration.

5.    Create Your Own Channel On YouTube

If you want to create a successful video blog, you should be able to create a successful YouTube channel as well. In fact, you should use YouTube as your primary video source since it is the largest video sharing platform on the internet. So, you should create your own YouTube channel and build your own subscribers base on YouTube. In this way, you will be able to keep attracting viewers to your videos, and in so doing, you will be able to attract more traffic to your video blog as well.

Those are 5 essential tips to create a traffic-pulling video blog that worth watching. If you want to make your video blog popular and likable, those tips can help you to achieve your goal.