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There are great entrepreneurship blogs and publications out there that can be inspiring and provide you with real ideas for your own entrepreneur journey. You probably look to Entrepreneur and Fast Company — some of the big names in entrepreneurship. Perhaps you listen to podcasts like StartUp and Entrepreneur on Fire. Good idea abound on these types of podcasts and in related publications.

But when all you do is focus on the big, splashy blogs and podcasts you might be missing out on some of the gems out there. Every year, I help plan and put on the Plutus Awards. These take place at FinCon, a conference for independent financial media. The idea behind the Plutus Awards is to recognize excellence in the independent financial media community.

If you want to read some great entrepreneurship blogs — and some of these even come with enlightening podcasts — try the finalists in the entrepreneurship category.

Money Lab

This is a fun blog all about one man’s journey to make money online without succumbing to online marketing “bull****”. Matt Giovanisci tries all sorts of interesting things and shares the results. His insights into serial entrepreneurship, what really works, and how you can learn lessons from failure, make this a very valuable blog.

Matt is honest and straightforward, and he’s even transparent about what’s working and what totally didn’t.

The Self Employed Movement

Just as it was nominated for a Plutus Award, The Self Employed Movement announced it wouldn’t make new posts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what’s already there. This is a great blog about side hustling and making money when you don’t have a “real” job. If you’re looking for some extra cash while you get your business going, this blog is for you. One of the great things about this blog is that it also includes reviews and experiments. You can read honest reviews of different side hustles and get an idea of what is likely to actually work.

Side Hustle Nation

One of my favorite entrepreneurship blogs and podcasts is this one, where Nick Loper shows you how to use different types of income to build job-free income. It’s all about freedom on this podcast. On the blog, you can find all sorts of practical resources, including tutorials and in-depth case studies. If you’re not sure where to start, a list of side hustle ideas can get the creative juices flowing.

Smart Passive Income

You’ve probably heard of Pat Flynn and his blog and podcast. And for good reason. If you want the basics on getting started, including building your brand, outsourcing, and more, this blog can help you move forward. Plus, there’s information on selling online products and physical products. You can see reviews, have your questions answered, and find out more from your favorite entrepreneurs.

Yes, I Am Cheap

This started out as a blog about getting out of debt. Now it’s one of the best little-known entrepreneurship blogs. While the blog still has plenty of information on saving money (good to have personal finance skills as an entrepreneur, it also includes plenty of good information on building a business. Sandy Smith has her own businesses, and she takes you through how to establish them, and gives great tips for building your brand and making money.

So, if you need a little extra inspiration, check out these blogs, and then start making money.