small business bloggingYou have a blog with great design and awesome content. But why is audience engagement so dismal? How do you know if your prospects are reading your blog posts? Why is it that some blogs generate tons of comments, but your posts receive none?

Small business blogging is not just about providing content. It is about providing remarkable content. You want to provide content that is engaging and directly addresses the needs of your target market. But how do you create engaging content? Here are five tips to get you started:

1) Do an Interview

Your audience may love your company, products and everything you stand for. However, there is nothing better than hearing a different side of the story from another party. Surprise your audience with an interview of one of your suppliers, customers or someone in your industry that has some business gems to offer.

Interviews are a great way of diversifying blog content and get your audience to ask questions, or make comments. People love being inspired by other people and that is what your interviews should aim to do — inspire. Post no frills interviews on your blog; discuss challenges in your industry, the solutions available, alternatives and so on.

2) Post Video Content

If you are always cringing that you do not have time to write, try a different type of content. Have you thought of videos? A study done by M Booth and SimplyMeasured showed that videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined in social media. How does getting 12 times more engagement sound?

Diversifying your content helps to keep readers engaged. Your videos should be interesting, educational or inspiring. Moreover, they should be aligned to your overall marketing plan. Don’t just offer videos for the sake of doing so. Every content you offer, including videos, should provide value.

3) Post on Current Events

Did Justin Beiber just shave his head to support patients with cancer? Well, you get the point. Tackle a current or controversial issue in your industry. Remember, your content is supposed to address something that your audience is interested in.

Don’t be controversial just for the sake of it. Give a controversial point of view on a current issue and give your reasons for the stance. Audiences are looking for a unique perspective on issues. As a blogger, it’s your job to provide a fresh perspective.

4) Invite Guest Posts

If you want to give your audience a different perspective on matters related to your industry, a guest blogger may be your best solution. Content creation is difficult and requires time and investment. Allowing guest posts on your small business blog will not only help you with your content needs, but also build a relationship with other bloggers, which can be mutually beneficial in the long run (think: backlinks).

At the same time, your website will quickly emerge as a go-to place for any information in your industry. for example, is one of the leading websites covering social media best practices, tips and events. The blog is filled with quality content by staff and guest authors.

Seasonal events or topics can also stimulate a new wave of engagement for your small business blog. Find ways that your audience can benefit from upcoming events and provide the information on your blog. Offer helpful tips or advice on making the most of the event. Things such as discounts on industry or seasonal related products can improve engagement.

Small business blogging works by diversifying your content into various posting formats to keep your audience engaged. Engagement is all about providing valuable content that is hyper-relevant to your target market. Your content should help solidify your audience’s trust and warm them up for future sales.

Image Credit: alamodestuff