There are many methods for generating traffic to a website. Most webmasters will be familiar with popular methods of search engine optimization. Some of the techniques used can also contribute to an increase in traffic. Here are four proven methods to generate traffic to your blog.

1. Guest Blogging

If you run a blog, you must make guest blogging a priority. Guest blogging is simply writing unique content, preferably for another blog in your niche, in exchange for a byline which includes a link or two back to your own blog.

Many successful blog owners have gained thousands of new subscribers just by using this method alone. As more and more people turn to this method, it will become increasingly difficult to get your post published. This means that you’ll need to be even more diligent and organized in your approach to guest blogging. To improve your chances of having your post published you need to work on developing a relationship with the author and also with the regular commenters on his blog.

Start by leaving thoughtful comments (discussed below) and respond to comments other people would have made. If the author is actively engaged with this blog he will come to know who you are, respect your views, and allow your guest post. This method is more effective that sending out random emails to blog owners requesting opportunities to guest post.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting really works if you comment on the right blogs. The key is to find really active blogs and interact with the people there. Before Google made major updates, people used automated software to send out hundreds of generic comments in one go. The result is that many of those comments were counted as spam by webmasters.

Be thoughtful with your comments. Interact with many blogs in your niche and people will begin to notice you and start visiting your blog to see what you’re about.

3. Video Tutorials

Video marketing is another way to generate traffic to your website. You have to be strategic and think outside the box when creating your videos because generic videos won’t work. The videos that get the most hits are the ones that provide some value to viewers. You can create a series of how to videos related to your niche. Another approach is to come up with a creative idea to publish a viral video. Your traffic will go up when this type of video is shared; your only challenge then will be to find ways to keep the interest of your audience.

4. Proper SEO

An effective SEO strategy will include tactics for both on-page and off-page optimization. Carefully choose your keywords, and build your content around these keywords. The result will be lots of organic traffic that comes as people search for your keywords in the search engines.

SEO is far from dead. Google has changed up the game to improve user experience, and while it is debatable that they accomplished this it doesn’t hurt when you let good sense prevail.