market your blog

Crafting lip-smacking, mind-blowingly awesome content isn’t enough.

If you truly want to become a successful blogger, you need to nail the marketing part, and not just the content.

No idea how to do that?

No problem!

Go through these 25+ resources that teach you how to market your blog better and the next thing you know you’ll be commanding a six-figure monthly audience.

1. The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

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If there’s one thing Neil Patel’s Quicksprout is known for, it’s the huge 30,000+ word guides he produces on a monthly basis. This guide covers everything about building a blog audience – organic traffic, outreach, paid traffic, content syndication, and more.

2. Learn to Blog

Learn to Blog makes crafting pillar posts – the resource for each respective topic – a habite. Featuring the collective wisdom of Matt Wolfe, Bradley Will, and several cameos from successful bloggers, you’ll love pouring through the Learn to Blog archives.

3. Blogging Tips

What do you get when you put a 7-figure blogger with marketing knowledge to spare and a resoundingly obvious domain name together?


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4. CopyBlogger

Your blog has a beautiful design. A streamlined sales funnel. A strategic traffic-generation plan ready to be executed.

None of that matters if your actual content is garbage.

CopyBlogger educates you on the art of enticing your readers with alluring words. Because, after all, the pen is mightier than the WordPress theme.

5. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas authored the best selling book Blogging the Smart Way — How to Create and Market a Killer Blog on Social Media. He also speaks at digital and social media marketing conferences across the globe.

Oh, and, he runs a Top 50 Marketing Blog (Adage) where he shares the knowledge he’s gained after decades of successful marketing.

6. QuickSprout

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It’s Neil Patel at the fore again. At QuickSprout, Neil teaches business bloggers everything from social media marketing to landing page optimization to crafting amazing headlines.

7. Daily Blog Tips

Daniel shares a bite-sized blogging tip (almost) daily. Perfect for an inspirational morning read.

8. The Blog Maven

Overflowing with both personality and invaluable information, each of Jeni Elliot’s posts at The Blog Maven is a must for your reading schedule.

9. TwiTip

TwiTip teaches you to take over the world (and market your blog better) 140 characters at a time.

10. Bufferapp

Buffer – you know, that awesome tool that automates social media?

They blog. Data-driven, proven strategies to become a more effective social media marketer four times weekly.

11. ViperChill

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Glen Allsopp teaches the art of developing an audience of half-crazed, unbelievably loyal readers that hang on to and promote everything you blog (some call it viral marketing) through SEO and paid traffic.

The blog isn’t updated often, but when Glenn does get around to a new blog post, you’ll be hanging on to every word.­­

12. Matthew Woodward

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When the guy who built a top 100 Technorati blog in less than one year tells you exactly how he did it, you listen. Just like the 50,000 other people tuning in.

Matthew’s only been on the how-to-blog scene for a year, but even so he’s been creating waves of attention for himself.

13. Blog Tyrant

Some days you just feel like sitting down to read a 6,258 word guide to social media marketing for bloggers.

14. Boost Blog Traffic

Jon Morrow – founder of Boost Blog Traffic and self-proclaimed guest blogging guru, tells you how to systematically increase your blog traffic and market your blog better.

15. Social Media Examiner

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Social Media Examiner is the resource when it comes to social media marketing. Toted as the largest social media magazine on the planet, SME practices what it preaches with six-figure follows across each social network.

Enough said.

16. Traffic Generation Cafe

Not every traffic-generation strategy has to be as large-scale and committal as SEO or SMM. Traffic Generation Cafe shows how to utilize those little-known networks for high traffic gains.

17. Kikolani

At her personal blog Kikolani, Kristi Hines (featured on KISSmetrics, Unbounce, SME, and many others) infrequently shares blog marketing and promotion tips.

18. Backlinko

SEO is a hit and miss for most. It always seems like you’ve just about mastered it when the next Google update hits. In short, you need help learning this whole linkbuilding and optimization stuff.

Backlinko to the rescue.

19. Blogging Wizard

Adam Connell isn’t the most popular blogging guru (yet), but his blog is proving to be an invaluable resource when it comes to blog marketing through outreach and e-mail marketing.

20. Firepole Marketing

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Ever wanted to connect with your blog audience and show them that you really do care … but just didn’t know how?

Firepole Marketing preaches PR for bloggers.

21. Fizzle

Fizzle’s Sparkline blog (formerly Think Traffic) teaches bloggers and businesses the art of growth-hacking your e-mail list and blog audience.

22. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn generates a high five-figure income through his blog every single month. His blog is a game-changer for affiliate marketing bloggers.

23. BuzzStream

BuzzStream was already cool when they released their awesome outreach tool. They got a lot cooler when they started blogging advanced content promotion.

24. KISSmetrics

Although the majority of KISSmetrics content is aimed at conversion optimization, there are still more than a few golden eggs for bloggers lurking in the archives.

25. ProBlogger

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No list of blogging resources would ever be complete without ProBlogger. By far and away the most popular blog about blogging, Darren Rowse has a post on virtually every topic you can think of.

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