HTWB knifeEditing is a topic writers (and editors, natch) have been arguing about for decades, if not centuries.

Writers often say that (nonfiction, especially) editors are ruthless butchers who shred good writing right down to its knickers … and impose all kinds of their own suppositions on someone else’s stuff, so nixing all creativity on the author’s part and turning the text into robot-speak nonsense.

Nonfiction editors often say that writers think they can bore readers with their elaborately and painfully long expositions of their own thoughts when in fact all readers want to know is the facts without the bullsh*t, especially if it is long-winded.

Both are right, but both can be wrong, too.

When it comes to business blog writing, we bloggers in 99 percent of cases do not have ruthless and unsympathetic editors breathing down our necks which is a mercy. But … this means we need to learn how to be our own editors, to make sure we don’t write bullsh*t and/or any more text than our readers need and want to know.

Guidelines on editing

Where blog posts are concerned, you need really to focus on the following points once you have written your first draft. Ask yourself the following questions:

**Does it grab your readers by the throat in the first sentence or two? If not, it should

**Does it get to the point reasonably quickly, or does it waffle? If the latter, chill – a little waffle is OK amongst friends – but make sure you make some useful points pretty soon

**Are there any spelling, grammar, syntax or other goofs in it? Correct them. Now. These make you look unprofessional

**Does it conclude with a relevant “call to action?” Don’t let it just dribble off – tell your readers what you’d like them to do next even if it’s just to check out a website or comment on what you’ve just written about

Good luck! (And don’t be afraid to prune your writing hard … usually it’s a benefit!)

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