Coming up with new ideas can be difficult at times. Here are 15 great ways to come up with inspiration

1. Within Yourself

Personal life events, past mistakes, and future goals can and should be your greatest source of inspiration. Think of a life event that has taken place recently: Is there anything about it that would be greatly beneficial for your followers?

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2. Industry News

Always consult your newsfeed to get an idea of what’s trending and come up with an impressive headline. Do not underestimate Feedly; pay attention to the components of great headlines you come across. Notice the topics that affect people the most and get plenty of feedback.

Research people’s tweets depending on the purpose of your writing. Find out what’s going on around the globe if your future blog post isn’t aimed at a very specific type of audience. If, however, you are interested in providing material for a specific type of audience, take a look at what’s trending among your followers or people you follow.

4. Buzzfeed

To use this viral content machine to your advantage, you must start with research. Why is the material so popular? Is the topic provocative, timely, or intriguing? Is the headline comprehensible? What is the structure of the post? You get the idea.

5. Pinterest

Create an inspirational board and repin whatever it is that sparks your creative thinking (thankfully you have the option of making the board secret). When working on multiple projects simultaneously, keeping separate boards is advised.

6. Vimeo

If you most often utilize visual thinking (also called “right brained learning” or “picture thinking”), being exposed to lots of visually interesting content or witnessing breathtaking moments will surely give your creativity a boost.

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7. Write Everything Down

Consult your to-do list, write down your friends’ quotes and expressions you hear on a daily basis, take note of specific words that sound interesting to you, and then put them to use during the next writing session.

8. Interviews with famous people

Refer to an old interview from a magazine, find one online, or conduct your own interview. Ask an influential person to share a story that changed his or her opinion on things, not necessarily related to content marketing or content creation. Ask them about their weekly schedule, happiest day of their life, or #1 rule. Any insight regarding a person’s unique personal experience can yield inspiration.

9. Running list of FAQ’s

Whenever you get an opportunity to interact with customers, be sure to document their questions. You can refer to this list when working on your next blog post. This way, you’ll get a chance to adjust the subjects of your content to your audience’s main points of concern.

10. Read a book

Whether poetry or prose, literature can impose a special emotional state and enable you to express your thoughts in a more concise way. Re-read parts of your favorite book or discover several brand new short stories to find content suitable for a particular occasion.

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11. New experience

Break the routine. Attend a lecture or an art exhibit, or take a class once a week to get your mind distracted as well as craft a new skill. Even if you can’t boast any artistic experience, try drawing as an alternative form of content creation. A new kind of exercise program (yoga sessions, for instance) is another option.

12. Music

Have you noticed that certain tracks always bring back old memories, give you a boost of energy, or make you nostalgic? Music can alter your thought process and evoke certain emotional responses from your subconscious. This, in turn, stimulates your creative thinking in a completely different way opening up more possibilities for content creation.

13. Freewriting

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, take a deep breath, and get started. It’s that simple to get your brain in gear. The only rule you must follow is to keep writing for an extended period of time. Follow your trail of thought and don’t worry if a certain word or even a whole sentence doesn’t sound right. You will have enough time to review the text and add the final touch to your content.

14. Forums

Seek other bloggers’ point of view by reaching out to marketers or professionals from a different niche. The least you can do it go on LinkedIn and start a discussion, or join an existing one.

15. Mindfulness

Last but not least, leading a balanced life and maintaining a positive state of mind is your main priority. Once you achieve emotional balance and clear your mind, inspiration will come easily. Learn to stay in the present and you will be amazed at how much it will affect content creation and your work overall.

What is your ultimate source of inspiration? How do you come up with your most impressive ideas?