Let’s face it, blogging and content marketing are not a fast track to getting rich – and consistently writing blog content can be a struggle.

Blogging and content marketing require putting in vast amounts of work, and writing when you may not want to. It’s tough to stay inspired when you feel bored or in a rut. It’s tough to make others interested in your business when you’re not finding the subject matter interesting yourself.

You’re not alone. Blogging on a regular basis can require a heavy attention to detail that can be tough to muster.

Writing Blog Content When You Don’t Want To

Consume Anything. Consume Everything – I’m the type of person who reads the back of the cereal box while eating breakfast if there’s nothing else around. It’s important to stay interested in the surrounding world. Keep your head in a book. It can be industry related, or not. If reading isn’t really your thing, try listening to some podcasts or audio books. Find ways to explore new ideas. Challenge yourself and find new ideas. Apply them to your business.

Listen to Music – I am extremely easily distracted by my surroundings. This can be anything from the stuff that needs to be done around the house while I’m working from home, to the footsteps over my office. Music helps me focus on what’s directly in front of me. But writing time is not a good time to go exploring new music. Keep to something familiar, and it can help tune you into the work at hand. Everything from Dave Brubeck to the Thievery Corporation has helped me. Sometimes even Metallica or the Beastie Boys can lift my mood and help me stay productive. It depends.

Take Breaks – If you’re having trouble reigning in your focus, a few short breaks can help break up the monotony. Don’t be afraid to get up and walk away from the computer for a few minutes. Take out the garbage. Unload the dishwasher. Walk the dog. Sometimes all you need to come up with writing ideas is an environment where they are unforced.

Free Write – Your writing time is not the time to become self-conscious or judgmental. Put the idea down on the screen or on the paper, and edit later. There will be ways to improve on it. Learning how to separate the act of writing from the act of editing will keep you writing blog content in a much more free-flowing manner.

Limit Online Distractions – I know you are important, and the acts involved with running your business are important. But email can wait for an hour. Facebook, Twitter and your other social media channels of choice don’t need to be open on a regular basis. You’ll survive without them. Think about it this way. If you were in an important meeting, you likely wouldn’t be responding to emails. Treat your writing time as a meeting with yourself. If you are looking for outside help with online distractions, there are a number of websites and apps that block or monitor your social media time.

Keep a Notebook – Ideas and inspiration aren’t limited to 9 to 5. If you’re doing a good job of consuming anything and everything, you’ll likely be finding some ideas in the off hours as well. Your notebook can keep you on track. It can help you stay organized, and it can help you bring the evening ideas into the daytime.

Find the Right Environment – Do you enjoy solitude, or need the buzz of people working around you? If that buzz is important, it might be a good idea to spend more workday hours in a coffee shop or coworking space. Sometimes a change of place can help jog a change of perspective. If your writing is stuck, try finding a new environment. The environment alone can have a significant impact when it comes to writing blog content.

Know What Type of Person You Are – Does your brain flow easier in the early morning or late night? You’ll need to be honest with yourself and evaluate your work under both circumstances. If you’re unsure, experiment. Most people are better on one end of the clock than they are on the other.

Think and Work In All Different Ways – Do something different to get out of your head in your off hours. If your work is largely intellectual, learn how to make something with your hands. Try cooking, knitting or woodworking. Try volunteering or spending more time playing with your kids. Engage your mind in different ways, and you’ll feel the impact when you sit down to write.

Physical Exercise – Doing something physical during the course of your day simply helps clear your mind, and helps you think better. It doesn’t have to be running 10 miles. It can simply be taking a break and doing push ups or sit ups while in the privacy of your office. If you do something physical for just a few minutes a day, you can break a writing rut.

Writing Better Blog Content

The most important thing for your business and for yourself is that you just keep writing. When you give up and walk away, it becomes that much harder to restart. Focus on telling a good story, when it comes to writing blog content. What sort of things are important to your reader or customer?

Do what you need to do to keep up your creativity and ideas. What has worked for you in the past? What do you do to keep writing blog content even when you might not want to?