Trivial Blog Post ImageThis post will probably make editors everywhere cringe with abhorrence, but it’s true, the occasional inconsequential blog post can be good for blogs, writers and their personal brand. On the other hand, trivial blog posts may not be good for large brands. Many large brands have consciously erased any personality from their content. Below are 10 reasons to write the occasional trivial blog post. Big brands – prepare to bookmark this post.

  1. Trivial content is great filler for the highly coveted Friday afternoon publishing slot (AKA worst blog publishing time on the internet).
  2. They allow writers to be themselves and show personality. Personality goes a long way in social media.
  3. Writers’ personal brands can benefit and even flourish with posts of this nature because they tend to be unique and original.
  4. Tend to provide more flexibility to broach uncommon, unusual or controversial topics.
  5. Provides the freedom to target new keywords for SEO.
  6. Posts of this nature break up the monotony of writing serious thought provoking blog posts all of the time.
  7. Who wouldn’t want to write about Snooki, hip-hop or chicken flavored marketing?
  8. Great excuse for creating and publishing meaningless silly graphics (see above).
  9. Occasionally they go viral.
  10. They’re fun to write and read while bringing visitors back for more!

One person’s trivial post is another’s masterpiece. Trivial is in the eye of the beholder. However, it’s ok to have fun when you write and often times it’s appreciated by readers. As digital natives begin to take over leadership and management rolls in the future writing with personality, flair and a social edge will become even more main stream. Companies which embrace this style will be setting their brands up for future success.