Successful BloggingThe bloggers who become successful are the bloggers who strive to improve themselves at any moment possible. These bloggers want to acquire new knowledge and skills that they believe could accelerate growth. The more effective you are at your craft, the more people will notice, pay attention, and become loyal fans.

Now you probably want to become a better blogger so you can be more successful while spreading your message to the world. Remember that no matter how good you get, you can always get better. There is no limit to how good a blogger (or anyone) can become. In order to become a better, more successful blogger, follow these 10 methods.

#1: Look At The Pros

When you start on any journey, you need to have a role model to go by. This role model needs to be a leader of your niche who is thriving. I have many role models in the digital marketing niche who inspire me to constantly grow my blog and email list while creating products. Looking at the pros and reading their blog posts can also teach you various lessons about your own niche. I learned what I know about digital marketing through other people’s blog posts, books, videos, and training courses.

#2: Focus On Value Instead Of Quantity

Many people believe that having more blog posts means more traffic. The logic is that if every article on a blog gets one visitor every day, then it would be better to have 10,000 blog posts than just 100 blog posts. As a result, some people constantly produce blog posts thinking more about the potential traffic and maintaining consistency than the actual value.

However, the value of a blog post ultimately determines how far that blog post spreads on social media, how many of your visitors become returning visitors, and how many of your visitors buy your products. Taking the time to provide value in your blog posts will allow you to attract the visitors that matter the most—returning, targeted visitors who appreciate your content and may buy your products in the future.

#3: Write Every Day

A great way to write more valuable blog posts is by writing every day. If you write every day, then writing will come natural to you. I used to struggle to produce valuable blog posts just because I was by no means a writer. Then, I started to write every day about a topic I am passionate about to this day, and my writing got better. You can’t get better at something unless you are willing to put in more practice than you are already putting in.

#4: Enhance SEO

SEO is a valuable stream of blog traffic. However, it only takes a few minutes of exploration to realize that successful SEO is like going through a gigantic maze. My recommendation is to focus some of your time on SEO, but the moment it becomes an obsession, you need to stop focusing on it. In the end, valuable content matters the most because you want your blog visitors to appreciate your content.

I wrote a blog post that contains a few methods to boost your blog’s SEO and SEOMoz came out with this awesome guide. There is more information in their guide than in my blog post, but I also warn you to not go too deep into SEO right away. Only implement a few methods at a time. If you begin by implementing dozens of methods to boost your blog’s SEO at the same time, then you will become overwhelmed.

#5: Optimize Your Blog For Getting Subscribers

Optimizing your blog for getting subscribers is a very important step towards success. Your email list is the best way to communicate to your visitors about your recent blog posts and products. Most of the revenue successful bloggers generate is from their email lists. Your success as a blogger depends on how effectively you are building your email list. Here are some tips to get you started.

#6: Grow Your Social Media Audience

Your social media audience is another critical component of a blogger’s success. In fact, social media also plays a critical role in SEO, so if you feel confused about SEO, focus your time on growing your social media audience.

When you grow your social media audience, focus on one social network at a time. That way, you can focus on learning new things about one social network. You should only start to utilize a second social network once you master one social network. Mastering social networks is like mastering languages. You wouldn’t try to learn 10 new languages at the same time. Instead, you would learn each new language one at a time. The same methodology applies to mastering social networks.

#7: Write Guest Posts

Guest posts serve many benefits. The first benefit of guest blogging is that as you write more guest posts, you will also become a better writer. The second benefit of guest blogging is that you build your authority on the web (the more times people see you on the web, the more your authority grows). The third benefit of guest blogging is that you can tap into a new audience and generate traffic to your blog. The fourth benefit of guest blogging is the SEO benefit (as long as the guest blog is related to your niche). Sometimes, guest blogging even leads to joint ventures with some of the top bloggers in your niche.

You never know where your guest posts are going to take you. The only way to figure out where your guest posts may take you is by giving it a try. Look for guest blogs related to your niche, see what the requirements are, and then start writing.

#8: Have Your Own Product

As grow your visibility and start to establish an authority on the web, you must have a revenue generating product of your own. Whether you choose to write a book or launch a training course, this product needs to generate revenue without your involvement. That way, you can make money in your sleep and then you’ll know that you are crushing it as a blogger.

Having your own product does not mean being an affiliate for someone else. You must take the time to create a product related to your niche so you can bring in a bigger profit.

#9: Make Your Blog Load Faster

Your blog’s speed is essential. Google takes blog speed seriously in its algorithm, and for every second it takes for your blog to load, visitors are less likely to read articles, subscribe, or stay on your blog for a long period of time. One of the easiest ways to make your blog load faster is by creating pictures on Canva instead of copying and pasting them from Google. On Canva, you choose the size of your pictures (I choose 300×300) instead of resizing a 2500×2500 picture to the size I want (a resized picture still loads as if it were the original size). Here are more tips to make your blog load faster.

#10: Decrease Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

Your blog’s bounce rate is another SEO factor that Google takes into consideration when it ranks blog posts for certain keywords. The lower your blog’s bounce rate is, the better. When one visitor views multiple pages on your blog, your bounce rate is decreasing. If one visitor only views one of your blog’s pages (this can be a blog post, a page on your blog’s menu, or any other part of your blog), then your blog’s bounce rate is increasing (not good). You can verify your blog on Alexa to see your blog’s bounce rate. Alexa shows you how to do that. Once you know your bounce rate, here are several methods you can use to lower your blog’s bounce rate.

In Conclusion

The journey to becoming a successful blogger is a long journey, and the journey to becoming a more successful blogger is an endless journey. No matter where you are as a blogger, you can always make more revenue and become more successful. The most successful bloggers are still looking for more ways to generate more revenue. Ultimately, the key to being a successful blogger is to be a committed blogger.

Which of these methods was your favorite? Do you have any other methods for achieving success as a blogger? Please share your thoughts and advice below.