As a creative director I tend to get caught up spending countless hours reading blog article after blog article and getting so sucked in that I forget the initial intentions I had for reading in the first place. Does this problem ever occur in your day-to-day grind? Have you ever found yourself leaving a blog article because there are too many things going on? Maybe the flow of the content is off, or the images that the writer used are completely irrelevant to the post itself.

In both content and design, your blog should provide value and relevance to your target audience, not send them away scratching their head. As a means of inspiration, here is a list of some pretty badass blog page design examples that quite possibly could give you some ideas for your company blog. Each screenshot is clickable and will lead you to the respective blog page.

Smashing Magazine

The Verge


Fast Company


Creative Bloq

Web Designer Depot

The MOZ Blog

Flickr Blog

Ad Fed MN

I hope you enjoyed those badass blog page design examples as much as I did! A key thing to remember when designing your own blog is to make sure it connects with your target audience. Whose attention are you trying to capture? What style of fonts, images, and layout will work best for your intended reader? These and many other questions must be asked before you journey down the path to a new blog page design.

If you have any other examples of badass blog page designs that I should know about, by all means comment below with a link to the blog(s) and I’ll check them out!