Do not mistake yourself thinking long gone are the days when people enjoyed reading- because readers exist, and they will continue looking for content to consume. According to speculated data, around 400 million people look at Blog Post each month. Yes, unbelievable, but true. If still, your business is one of those lacking a blog page, trust us when we say this- you are missing out on enormous audience reach and chance to convert readers into clients.

But before you start writing abruptly, we would like to break it to you- the key is balancing writing with optimizing. If you optimize your blogs in a way, you’ll ensure that it reaches maximum readers and your target audience. We know you want to dive right into unveiling how to create a robust small business blog. We suggest starting with the basics; you must first understand the benefits of creating an influential small business blog.

The primary reason to start a blog is to drive traffic to your business website and for solely good reasons. Yes, that’s correct. According to data, companies with blogs get 56% higher traffic than businesses without blogs. After all, blogs are an opportunity to advertise your organization’s products and services, get new clients, and enhance your company’s bottom line. The reasons mentioned above are enough to start investing your time and resources in getting the best blogs. But, wait as we have more.

The other reasons you must invest in business blogs. Once you start writing articles related to your small business, you are ultimately establishing your authority in your industry. Also, should use small business plan templates for better exceeding your business in the market. Yes, and setting your head in your business industry is nothing but vital in this competitive world. The blogs can also turn out to be FAQs for your clients. If your clients ever face issues with your services or products, they can turn to your blogs to understand things better. In addition, your blogs can effortlessly initiate a conversation between you, your clients, and potential clients.

Before offering you the tips, you must understand that the blogs will also help increase your website’s ranking in search engines. So, yes, blogs are the key for SEO purposes. So, now that you know the benefits of blogs, let us swiftly move towards unveiling tips for creating an avant-garde small business blog!

Tips For Creating A Small Business Blog In 2022

Tip1- Consistency Is The Key

You know, long gone are the days when people focused on Snapchat streaks; today, it is all about the content streak. Now that internet is so easily accessible; people wish to consume as much content as possible. Hence, you must stay consistent while posting content.

The trick to blog posting is easy-peasy. The more you blog, the merrier. If you think you won’t post consistently, we suggest getting RecurPost. RecurPost will help you establish a posting schedule for consistency. You can schedule your posts a month or two prior at RecurPost and can stick to remaining consistent with your readers.

Now numerous of you must wonder how often I post a blog? Here’s the answer. According to a study, posting 16 times per month seems apt. The small businesses that started posting 16 times per month received 3.5 times more traffic than companies publishing only 3-4 times per month.

Just a few hours per month in writing blogs related to your business and industry will turn out to be exceptionally beneficial for your business.

Tip2- Research Your Competitor’s Blogs

Keep your friends close, enemies closer. That’s right. The moment you start researching your competitor’s blogs, you will get to witness their overall approach.

  1. Notice their way of writing and formatting the content.
  2. Take a detailed look at their website design and user experience, maybe in the comment section.
  3. Keywords are critical to the best content; ensure to take notes of the keywords your competitors are focusing on in their content. Then, look at the topics that rank the content/SEO list apart from the keywords.
  4. It would help if you spied on the comment section better to understand your competitor’s relationship with their audience.

Once you get the hang of all these points, you will get a surprising idea about which keywords are driving traffic to your competitors, the specific pages that are ranking, and what variations of phrases to use within your content when targeting the same terms.

Tip3- Invest In Keywords Research

There is no denying that you must write content surrounded by your small business. But, the other essential thing that you must understand is you must target what people are searching for. If your blog fails to reach people, what’s even the point of it? To help you here, “keywords” kick in.

Keyword research is a process that can help you lookup for famous keywords that people are mostly typing into search engines. So, it would help if you input apt keywords into the title of your article and throughout your essay. In short, the moment you will add some keywords to the blog, your blog will immediately start ranking higher on search engines, and people will come across your businesses much quickly. Besides, conducting the keywords research will also give you advanced ideas about what topics to pick for blogs!

Tip4- Target Optimized Blog Lengths

Any person can write, but you must write highly optimized content. For example, your blog must be long enough to summarize all the information you want to let your readers know. Ensure you input the researched keywords appropriately in the blog without blatantly making it a string of keywords. Or you can hire a specialized team to help you implement all the SEO services you need.Or you can hire a specialized team to help you implement all the SEO services you need.

You know the trick to writing good content is asking yourself- if you would like to read something like this? If the answer is “yes,” take pride in writing it. The blogs that rank high in SEO are mostly the ones that carry around 2000 words, so try making your blogs that informed. Also, focus on your blog title, as you want to make it eye-candy yet informative. Try keeping the title crisp and with a keyword.

Tip5- Visuals Are The Future, Incorporate It

Undeniably, by now, you know that visuals are the future of marketing. So today, adding images and video content to your blogs will benefit viewers’ engagement with the blog and your business page. Remember how all the science books stated, content with visuals get grasped more than content with no visuals. Hence consider adding visuals, such as an infographic or a charts, to highlight key points from your blog. Why not even create a video website? It is the best way for users to remember the content aptly!

Tip6- Address Queries Politely

If you haven’t heard about it, let us break it to you- comments will initiate a conversation with the clients and potential clients and offer you a goldmine of creative blog topics. In addition, there are chances that your clients may be looking for specific answers, which is precisely where the blog comment section will help you.

The moment people have queries related to your business, you can quickly jot down their questions through the comment section and create specified blogs accordingly. However, when you start answering your client’s queries, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. You can free the line of blockage by answering client queries, and it will help you create actionable content that will help other readers rectify the answers to similar questions.

Tip7- Welcome Guest Contributors With Open Hands

Being in the digital industry for some time now, we know that content writing can be time-consuming. However, whether you wish to bring fresh air to your blogs or want to target a different audience, guest posting is one of the best ways to do it. Once you start practicing it, you will see how it can be best to witness a fresh outlook on your small business industry topics.

You know, if you are uncomfortable with the guest posting, you can even pursue with interview blogs. These are in demand nowadays, and it would be insightful for you to interview an industry leader, as it will bring their audience to your platform.

Tip8- Promote Your Blogs

Have you ever noticed how social media influencers on Instagram post a separate story notifying their followers about their latest post? You must follow the same. You know you must keep reminding your readers about new blogs. It would help share your blog URL to your different social media platforms, website, newsletter, and even your email signature. Using a social media bot can help you grow your blog’s traffic if you’re on a budget.

Tip9- Aim For Stars With In-Depth Content

There are times when you would like to keep your blogs short and crisp. But it would help if you did not make it a routine. Instead, for the better ranking of your blog, you must create long-form, in-depth content that will double as link bait and rank in Google’s search engine rankings. You can create “Step-by-step guide” blogs to answer varied questions your readers are searching for.

No denying, these blogs will take a little more time than the other, but trust us when we say it- the results will be worth every minute. Following are some more benefits of in-depth blogs-

  1. Stay stress-free about the panda update.
  2. Ranking for long-tail keywords.
  3. You get much easier link-building and outreach opportunities.
  4. There are higher chances of ranking in Google’s top 10 results.

Tip10- In The End, Involve Everyone On Team

You can solely write the blog, but the more, the merrier for promoting the same blog. Yes, that is right. Especially when you have a startup or small business, ask everyone to spread the word about your latest piece of writing.

Not just for promoting the blog, ask for ideas from your teammates as well. You know it is always best to look for fresh ideas. But, you will definitely lead to better results if everyone contributes topic ideas, design concepts, outreach responsibilities, etc. Also, try publishing your content in high-profile magazines and newspapers, as this will bring you an audience you never thought about.