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Escape rooms are becoming a popular activity, whether out with the kids or in a team building exercise, or just for fun with friends. In them, your group has to analyze a number of clues in order to figure out a way to get out of the room.

Some of these can be pretty hard, but imagine how hard it would be in the dark. You would completely lack the information you needed to escape.

Yep, being in the dark makes almost any task impossible. And this is true for IT operations as well. After all, if you can’t see where a problem is, then you can’t fix it, and not having full visibility into IT operations is a lot like being in the dark.

And the scary thing is, many businesses are doing exactly this. By not having predictive, end-to-end visibility into all areas of their IT operations, they lack the information they need to fix problems, optimize systems, and have an effective and reliable IT infrastructure.

The typical setup for many IT operations involves lots of disconnected monitoring and management tools, which often are not integrated and are difficult to share across departments. This means that for a lot of IT organizations, they not only have issues with the parts of their infrastructure that they can’t see; they also have a tough time making sense out of the information that they are already getting from their management tools.

Aberdeen research into IT operations shows that businesses today face a number of challenges when it comes to managing and monitoring their environments. And among the top challenges they list are a lack of tools to effectively monitor activity, a lack of visibility into IT operations performance, and a lack of proper metrics to measure performance.

All of this means that while information and clues exist to help these businesses escape IT problems and inefficiencies, they are basically in the dark about what to do to address these issues.

However, there is a way to overcome these problems and shine a spotlight on IT operations. Aberdeen research has shown that by implementing IT monitoring and analysis platforms that have a complete, end-to-end view of all systems and applications, along with predictive analytics that can detect problems before they happen, organizations have high uptime, excellent performance, and are able to reduce costs and overcome the challenges of a modern IT operation.

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