In the present scenario, big data is the buzzword in the technological industry and there are, indeed, a lot of hype about it. According to some recent studies, in 2013, the total expenses on big data, across the globe was more than $31 billion. It also shows that by 2018, approximately the figure will cross $114 billion. Even though, there is so much hype about big data, there are many enterprises and business owners who are not quite sure about this concept. They don’t have a very clear idea about what big data really is and what are the exact reasons of so much expenses around it. Simply put, the term, big data refers to the huge volume of data that are constantly increasing, with every passing day.

While there are too many seminars and conferences about big data, held at different parts of the globe, there are many facts about this new age technology that are still unknown. If you want to know some really interesting facts about big data, this is the list that you need to go through –

  1. More than 90% of all the data in the globe was generated over the course of past two years.
  1. In the present scenario, huge volume of information is created every day. In fact, the information that we could generate from the beginning of time until 2003, now can be created in a time span of two days.
  1. The total volume of data that the industry captures and stores, gets doubled in every 1.2 years.
  1. According to the industry experts, the amount of digital information that exists in the present time will grow from 3.2 zettabytes to 40 zettabytes, by 2020.
  1. Among all the search engines, Google, on its own, processes more than 40 thousand search queries every second. This comes up to more than 3.5 billion in a single day.
  1. According to recent statistical report, on an average, we generate 1.8 million Facebook likes and upload 200,000 photos. We also send 204 million emails and 278 thousand tweets.
  1. Approximately, 100 hours of video are uploaded to video platforms like YouTube, every minute. Quite interestingly, it will take around 15 years to watch all the videos that are uploaded to YouTube, in a single day.
  1. AT&T is thought to be the data centre that holds the largest amount of data in a single database.
  1. In the U.S., a lot of new IT jobs will be created to handle the upcoming big data projects. Each of these jobs will be supported by three additional jobs. This leads to the generation of total 6 million new jobs.
  1. Surprisingly, on every single minute of every day, 570 new websites come into existence. This statistics is undoubtedly vital and also overwhelming.

These are the top 10 amazing facts about big data. There are also some ought to know about Big Data and processing this data has already turned out to be a significant task. This is why enterprises across the world need to focus on the different aspects of big data.