Beer distribution is primed for technology advances to streamline supply, demand and fulfillment. The supply chain between beer distributors and retailers has lacked the proper technology to get the orders right, obtain accurate data on retailers’ trends and proactively fulfill retailers’ needs.

Distributors allow and receive retailers’ orders in just about any form—often jotting down the order on the closest napkin that can be found. Text messages, scrap paper, long voicemails that get cut off or trying to reach bar managers at odd hours all paint the picture of the current beer supply chain environment. The result? Incorrect orders that show up at the establishment and unhappy consumers.

This is a significant issue at a ground level, but on a larger scale, such as events like the Superbowl, Olympic game,s and high-profile concerts, it’s a much bigger issue. In fact, 20% of orders between distributors and retailers are wrong. That’s a pretty significant margin of error when you’re a host city trying to keep up with millions of visiting patrons. The average beer rep manages 50-100 accounts, which amounts to a large stack of scrap paper orders. The iKeg™ system was founded to make sure beer lovers get the beer they want. The existing keg ordering system just doesn’t work consistently enough to make that happen.

With the real-time data available from SteadyServ’s® SaaS (Software as a Service), distributors can receive accurate keg data from clients at the touch of a button on their smartphone or tablet. The iKeg system integrates with beer distributor’s ERP system, IMS, or WMS systems. It also has stand-alone capability as a separate system. This means no more guessing games or turning patrons away because you’re out of their favorite beer.

SteadyServ - Sensor

The system is totally scalable for each enterprise, and operates to improve order accuracy. Instead of sorting through scraps of paper, beer reps can pull uniformed reports for all accounts—and that data is stored, never to be lost. Data-driven ordering enables beer distributors and reps to be ahead of the keg orders coming from bars and restaurants – eliminating low inventory issues during high-volume events.

The end result of improving keg order efficiency and accuracy is providing beer lovers with the beer they want. Ultimately this positively impacts the bottom line for distributors and retailers alike for any large-scale affair.