Q was ahead of his time as he equipped Bond with a host of cool, miniature devices – trackers to monitor Bond’s whereabouts, homing devices on Bond’s clothing, exploding pens and most interesting of all, an implanted microchip to monitor Bond’s vital signs and transmit the data back to MI6 for analysis – to name a few.


Smart pills are the latest in the world of smart devices targeted at managing health. These pills have a sensor that is ingested along with the pill. The sensor sends data to the cloud that can then be viewed on a mobile app. The data that the sensor sends is varied. It can send a medication reminder to the patient. It can send health information and vital signs that can be monitored by a physician.

What makes smart pills so interesting, other than the novelty factor of having a sensor inside the body, is the fact that it can significantly increase medication compliance. Non-compliance is a big health issue that results in adverse outcomes, increased hospitalization and rising health care costs.

Smart pills are targeted at high-risk patients with chronic conditions who are on long-term medication regimen. Proteus Digital Health is a pioneer in this area.


There are privacy issues that need to be addressed around who can access the data sent by the pill sensors and how that data can be used. There is also something very personal about a device, inside the body, that is sending out information and not everybody can be comfortable with that. All these are valid issues that need to be discussed and dealt with, notwithstanding the wow factor of ingestibles.

We may all not be 007, but we do have a ‘License to Pill’.

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Image:Wikia.com, Marsdd