Earlier this summer, I was interested to learn about the Big Data Jobs Index, put out by the team behind data science board icrunchdata. The report analyzes job posts in the icrunchdata database and has created a real-time benchmarking system to show which jobs are in demand, and which are on the rise.

Not surprisingly, job postings for “Analytics” lead the pack, followed next by “Big Data” jobs and traditional “Business Intelligence” jobs. What did surprise me, is the lack of job postings for “Data Scientists.” One of the hottest topics over the past couple of years, it seems that the segment was  a little underrepresented. What was the story behind these numbers, and what can we learn about the job market from them?

After doing a bit of research, I saw that icrunchdata cofounder Todd Nevins was right down the street from me in Austin, Texas. I invited Todd to come by and visit the Software Advice office and share some more about the Big Data Job Index and his thoughts on emerging trends in the market.

In our discussion, we covered a number of trends that Nevins has seen over the past few years. For example, Nevins said that while his team saw an increase over the past few years in job posts inquiring about Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) experience, that trend has since settled out. In addition, we also discussed “acqui-hiring,” the strategy he’s seen many startups use over the past few years to acquire top data science talent. In this strategy, companies are acquired for their data scientists, rather than a particular product or a customer base.

Below you’ll see highlights from our conversation. In the video, we cover the increasing segmentation within the job market, how businesses are acquiring top data professional talent today, and why business acumen may be more important than ever.