Doesn’t it seem like the world is getting a little crazier? Natural disasters from global warming, hackers like Anonymous attacking politicians and business owners, violent crimes increasing, employee turnover at an all time high… While all of these things may not seem related, what you may not realize is that all of them have an impact on how you should be protecting your business. Unforeseen events and circumstances out of business owners’ control often result in server failures or complete loss of data. This year business data backup is more important than ever. Here’s why:

  1. Natural disasters.
    History shows that the two years following El Nino are more turbulent with weather. While it’s been quite some time since the last hurricane struck Florida’s Gulf Coast, that doesn’t mean that power surges from thunderstorms, tornadoes or flooding aren’t still huge risks for business owners. If your office caught fire, flooded or went through the next massive hurricane, how would you know that your data were safe? Is it backed up to an offsite location? Is it in the cloud? How soon can you recover it?
  2. Greater reliance on data.
    Thanks to IoT, innovative software programs and emerging technology, businesses are producing more and more data that is critical to their base operations. Having the ability to restore that data inside a short window of time (15 minutes if you’ve got a comprehensive business continuity plan in place) can mean the difference between winning and losing a huge prospect or keeping your customers happy.
  3. Security threats.
    The threat landscape is becoming more and more volatile every year. Hackers are focusing in on smaller businesses as big business invest more and more into securing their data. Small business owners cannot forget that backup is your last line of defense if something catastrophic happens. Take Cryptolocker, the popular ransomware hack. If it’s not blocked on the way in (via router or firewall) or at the server level (with antivirus) than your only choice (besides paying the sometimes massive ransom) is to restore the data from backup. Are you confident that you can do that with your existing backup processes?

    A single bad thunderstorm, a network infiltration by a hacker, someone breaking in and sabotaging your equipment, or an angry employee could all spell disaster for your business data. Backup is more important than ever and taking the time to really create a continuity process and strategy around that backup is critical. Learn more about business continuity services and backup by checking out our blog.