The increasingly digitised world has meant each and every device in our home is, or soon will be, connected to the Internet of Things (IOT). This has enabled businesses to collect data to better understand behavioral and buying patterns of customers. It also helps scientists to deal with global issues, and provides marketers with information needed for proper decision-making.

In terms of social media, big data available on social platforms and the development of social media marketing has helped us to better understand how smart technology might change our lives in the near future.The user information that is being collected on social networking platforms allows marketers to have a better understanding of customer behaviour, target audience groups and engagement. In simple terms, the two sides of the coin that is big data on social media, within the digital marketing spectrum, are microtargeting and brand analytics.


With data being neatly segregated via machine learning algorithms, social media platforms are able to allow companies to directly target individuals based on detailed specifications that go beyond race, age, gender or social standing. Marketers can increase their profits while lowering the cost of advertising, as the more people who are interested in your product or service see the advertisement, the less money is spent on advertising to individuals who are not interested. This also benefits the customer as targeted ads means they will receive information about products and/or services that might be of their particular interest.


Almost every company is trying to be present and active on social media, creating profiles on multiple platforms in the hope to increase their brand message. But an important piece of the puzzle is social media analytics.

Having access to numerous metrics, such as likes, post reactions, post replies and more, allows a business to better understand the very nature of the interaction between their customer base and their content. This provides businesses with an opportunity to hone their marketing message, delivering relevant and timely information.This is why tools such as Locowise exist, so this data can be gathered quickly and easily.

With big data analytics tools for social media you are able to quickly find out insights such as an audience growth graph on a social media profile on a day-to-day basis. This will help paint a better picture of your current audience and help marketing experts when creating goals and/or brand messages for a business.


Without big data, social media marketing wouldn’t be where it is today. As the analytics tools become more sophisticated, marketers are able to make more on-point decisions about the direction in which a business is headed. This results in better profitability for a business and allows customers to have a more pleasing experience. Essentially, big data on social media opens the doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Almost every day we are surprised by the creative and innovative ways our customers use Locowise. By having access to big data on social media and via tools that help you with its analysis, we are certain that the digital marketing scene will be changing even faster.

With access to intuitive insights about the social media performance of a brand, you will be able to notice patterns you’d otherwise have missed. A digital marketer is often required to find the small details that make the big business wheels turn, and this isn’t possible without access to the right analytics and tools.


Social media analytics is one of the most direct examples of how big data is shaping our everyday lives. Yet, the truth is that today, big data is a vital instrument for almost every aspect of our lives. With the rise of technology that powers intelligent homes and with devices that collect data becoming smaller and more efficient, it is only a matter of time that we’d see a shift in our perception of the world. And it’s all thanks to the proper collection, easy presentation and ultimately the right analysis of the data that social media platforms present us with.

Big data is already shaping our future. From seeing the engagement of a page in a neat manner to having access to tools that help us pinpoint specific matters in an otherwise diverse and unrelated cloud of data, all it takes is one simple tool.