Every marketer plans for having a substantial contribution to revenue growth but routinely falls short. Time, money, and effort is spent producing content, running various campaigns, going to trade shows, etc. only see a small number of leads actually make it to the Sales team, and then even fewer that actually become customers.

The team at 9Lenses understands your challenges and we are here to equip your marketing department with a secret weapon- interactive assessments.

Moving Passed The Top Of The Marketing Funnel

Capturing leads isn’t the issue. Leads are eager to provide their name, email address, and the company they work for. Marketing’s challenge is identifying which leads are actively looking to solve a business problem and evaluating if your solution can help.

Every B2B organization needs interactive assessments because they are a bridge between an audience of “names/contacts” and prospects that have an active business problem they are trying to solve, are interested in your solutions, and want to know how you can help THEM. Prospects that take an assessment are the ones that go on to speak to sales, convert to opportunities at a higher rate, and ultimately become your customer because of the personalized VALUE you provide at every stage of the journey.

What Are Interactive Assessments And How Do They Turn B2B Leads Into Customers?

An interactive assessment is a fast and easy digital experience designed to provide personalized insights into a prospects business. A prospect answers 10 to 20 questions divided into 3 to 5 targeted categories and then receives a personalized scorecard highlighting where their organization is performing well and where they can be doing better. The scorecard includes analysis, insights, and recommendations that are valuable to the prospect and helps them understand how to solve their challenges. This builds trust with the prospect and establishes brand loyalty.

Marketing benefits by identifying prospects that are actively buying and can enable the Sales team with account intelligence. Sales uses this account intelligence to focus and tailor their conversation based on the prospect’s top challenges, which is a more valuable conversation for both parties.

How To Market Your Lead Generating Interactive Assessment

Here are a few recommendations for incorporating interactive assessments into your marketing strategy.

  1. Add a primary call to action button on your website home page—utilize your home page content to warm up and educate your site visitors. Once warm, add a strategically placed “Take XYZ Assessment” call to action button. When they are ready to learn more or try a new approach, they will come back and take the assessment. Realizing the immediate value of an assessment, some leads will take the assessment straightaway.
  2. Add an assessment pop-up to your website—even with a call to action on your Home page, create a pop-up box that invites visitors to take your assessment once they have visited a designated number of pages or spent a designated amount of time on your website.
  3. Create multiple thought leadership forms and content downloads—prospects who are actively searching for resources are more willing to engage. So, if you have a resources page or thought leadership content, including blog posts and whitepaper downloads, add a link to your assessment on everything. The approach should be, “Want to know how XYZ applies to your business?”. Make sure it is clear that the assessment only takes a few minutes and will deliver personalized business insights.
  4. Include the assessment in your retargeting campaigns—retargeting empowers you to reengage with recent website and social media visitors. It takes between 5 to 8 marketing touches to convert to a sale, making retargeting a powerful way to keep your B2B solutions top of mind. If you are going to retarget, direct all campaign links to your interactive assessment.
  5. All roads lead back to your interactive assessment—all marketing and engagement roads should lead back to your targeted business assessment. Add a link in your email signature, a button on your monthly newsletter, in every blog and article, as an option on your Contact page form, and the destination every marketing campaign leads to.

Want To See An Interactive Assessment In Action?

The best way to understand how an interactive assessment works is to take the 9Lenses Marketing Funnel assessment. This allows you to experience an assessment and will provide personalized insights as to how well you are converting your leads into customers.