appointment setting, business to business leads, telemarketingHave you ever gotten a call from a telemarketer before while relaxing about in the comforts of your own home? If you have, then you know just how annoying it can get, especially when they start calling back and claim that they have never spoken to you yet (despite the fact that you already recognize their voice). Well, it’s one thing to be called in the privacy of your own residence, but it’s another when you are in the office and all business-like. As such, you may be more open to considering an appointment setting call than when you were home and jamming on your Xbox 360 (or whatever it is you own).

If you’re one of the people who has experienced receiving a call from a B2B telemarketer, and while at home nonetheless, then you know just how it feels to be bothered during your much needed time away from the work-desk. Luckily, that is not the case when you have your work-hat on and are trying to figure out just how to generate more business to business leads for your company.

If you really are stressing your brain on how to do that, then think back to the scenario I just presented a while ago: you being called by a B2B telemarketer for B2B appointment setting purposes. Fortunately, you can apply this to your current lead generation woes. Although this time you will be making sure to call them during regular work hours, and not when they’re in the shower!

Here are two reason why appointment setting is good for generating business to business leads:

Your target contact persons are in work-mode while in the office.

When you are in the office, you know that you need to get some work done. The same goes for your target prospects; they’re in their offices and are doing that pile of paperwork that was left there over the weekend. When you make a call with the intention of doing business with your prospect’s company, they will be more open to listening to you because they are currently thinking and are doing work. If you call them while they are somewhere else, and when they are not engaged in business, then you are not going to get anywhere. This is why telemarketing is not viewed positively by general consumers.

Telemarketing calls are, generally, intrusive upon privacy and even when in the office your prospects will not be so open to listening. However, that all changes when you have the right targets in mind. When you are making appointment setting calls to people who are in the market and looking for the type of product/service you offer, then you are going to be seeing far different results than when you call people who just are not interested in your offers. Also, being in the office helps because, as said, people will be working and you will most likely not be interrupting them and catch them at a bad time (unless they have a meeting, or are out of the office).

Better chances at generating interest from your prospects.

Just because they agree to meeting with you or your sales representatives does not mean that your prospects have become really interested in your offer. In fact, it may just mean that they are showing a minimal form of interest. Once you have your chance at meeting with your prospects, you have more chances of showcasing your products/services, or to be able to better explain your side in more detail and of course, so that you can discuss further with your prospects. This way you will be able to get the chance to generate more interest from your prospects, thus giving you better chances at turning them into B2B leads for your company.

Appointment setting may not something you are considering using, or so is B2B telemarketing. Rest assured though, it does get results and should be part of your B2B marketing plans.