What’s the Value of Lead Generation to ERP Software

We all know what Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP means because we wouldn’t call ourselves modern entrepreneurs otherwise.

At present, almost all industries rely on ERP software as a means to effectively improve business productivity, manage operational costs and make business expansion possible. For the most part, ERP comprises a string of activities that oversee the general health of a business organization by tracking costs and measuring performance over a certain period. And as consumer demands increase each year, entrepreneurs are quick to express their need for better ERP software products, especially as cloud-based systems are fast becoming a necessity.

Software vendors see this as an opportunity to place their ERP software products front and center.

This doesn’t go without problems however. The main issue in marketing ERP products always has to do with identifying and engaging potential clients – that is, people who are in the position to purchase an ERP software. Much of its complexity lies in knowing whether the IT administrator of a logistics company is the right person to talk to based on the company’s current concerns, budget and priorities.

It is in this sense that IT lead generation is a valuable asset. ERP leads are basically B2B leads. And as B2B leads, they require more than just a testimonial or a company vision statement to even consider engaging. IT lead generation basically helps in crafting effective messages intended for the right decision-makers via a collection of channels (e.g. inbound telemarketing, social media, email, events).

And for a fact, lead generation for ERP software allows for better chances of getting high quality IT sales leads. This is because it provides a good level of precision when it comes to locating and scoring potential clients based on how close they are to purchasing a certain software solution.

Don’t know whether the aforementioned IT administrator is the right guy?

You can undertake client profiling and verification to make a clear picture of what he wants for his organization and build your messaging from there. This would mean that your database is fed only qualified appointments that are close to hitting a closed deal.

These are just a few beautiful things that IT lead generation. For many IT vendors, creating an effective way for acquiring sales leads for their ERP products involves a great deal of knowledge and expertise that are best provided by an effective outsourcing firm.

This post originally appeared to Callbox Blog.