flying emailsEvery marketing manager and small business owner wants to improve the open rates of their email marketing campaigns. It’s well known that open rates can fluctuate based on the time of day they are sent so in order to improve your open rates what is the best time of day to send B2B emails?

To be honest, I wish I could give you a specific answer but there isn’t a best time of day for everyone. Every business, every industry, every potential customer is different. For B2B clients I always plan to send emails out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. However I know of a business for which his B2B email campaign works only on Sundays.

The answer to the question lies in testing. Test your open rates by sending out your emails on different days of the week, and when you’ve decided on a specific day test different times of the day.

When trying to decide on what days and times to test, put yourself in your recipients’ shoes. If you were them when would you most like to receive the email? Would it be in a morning before you start work, perhaps during a mid-morning coffee break when check your email on a smart phone or perhaps in the evening when you log onto your PC to check your personal email? Start by making an educated guess and test from that point.

Of course the classic advice is to send emails at lunchtime for everything B2C and around 8:45am Monday to Fri for everything B2B. But you might as well just throw this advice into the wind, because let’s face it; your competitors are probably trying the same thing. Dare to be different and you might find that the results pay off.