Over the last ten years, the average tenure for a CMO has nearly doubled from 24 months in 2004, to 45 months in 2014 as reported by SpencerStuart. Generally, this trend represents a collective recognition from businesses that their CMOs are more effectively and efficiently delivering measurable value – hence the increased tenure. But specifically, what are Best-in-Class CMOs actively doing to improve performance? In the infographic Better Demand Gen: A look Inside the Marketing Mind, we can actually see some of the key considerations for data-driven marketing and content marketing that help to cultivate the mindsets of successful CMOs.

As you can see in the complete infographic here, there’s a wealth of considerations, best-practices, and trends for top performing marketing organizations, but in general, here are 4 key characteristics worth calling out.

Strategic Inputs for Optimized Outputs:

At a high level, Best-in-Class CMOs consistently use data to identify the right areas for marketing investments to deliver the highest marketing returns. Even in tactical situations like increasing email open rates and click through rates, for example, Best-in-Class CMOs are aware that a simple investment of 30% more time in analyzing marketing data on average, can yield 3X higher open rates and 2X more click throughs in future campaigns.

Vision for the Buyer’s Journey:

Top performing marketing organizations are 93% more likely to align content to the stages of their buyer’s journey than their comparable peers. If this kind of alignment were easy, everyone would do it, but Best-in-Class CMOs know the value of a seamless, informative buying experience, and work to keep content, messaging, and the overall buying experience aligned to the needs and interests of the buyer.

Clean Data, Clear Contribution to Revenue:

Organizations with clean data are three times more likely to experience revenue growth year over year. Moreover, 64% of Best-in-Class organizations have a well-established process for cleansing databases. Although data quality and maintenance don’t immediately come to mind as priorities for CMOs, for the Best-in-Class, good data is actually a cornerstone of effective programs.

An Eye for Social Media Amplification:

Leading organizations are more than twice as likely to promote content across social channels. Best-in-Class CMOs know that social media is more than just a megaphone, and actively engage their markets by providing valuable content for the channels where their target audiences actually want to engage. Social media isn’t a silly fad for Best-in-Class CMOs, but a serious and strategic opportunity for amplification, awareness, and brand advocacy.

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