Sales and marketing are in the process of rapid evolution, changes driven by both market pressures and improved technologies. Some have dubbed the new business paradigm as Sales 2.0, or Sales and Marketing 2.0. The new vision is one that has improved alignment between sales and marketing departments, shared goals, and a better understanding of customers.

At the event dedicated to the topic, the Sale & Marketing 2.0 Conference, we caught up with attendees to get their input. Here is what “sales and marketing 2.0” means to them.
  • Utilizing people, process and technology to drive top line revenue growth
  • The line between sales and marketing, a line which is blurring
  • Marketing and sales aligned, working together to drive lead flow
  • The evolution of technology, furthering our ability to capture and work effectively with sales leads
  • Using the right technology solution set, backed by the right strategy, to achieve the ultimate sales and marketing goal: to drive revenue
  • Facilitating the sales and marketing conversation and having an agreed upon set of goals for both sides
  • Using technology to better understand prospects’ needs, and better tailor the sales conversation

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