What Can Albert Einstein Teach You About Lead Generation?

As marketers and lead generation specialists, we all have our own heroes and idols to look up to. That is not a bad idea at all. We need role models whom we can seek inspiration from, not to mention answers, to many of our sales leads issues. But has anyone thought ofAlbert Einstein, the genius mathematician, being a role model in marketing? It has nothing to do with the numbers, mind you. He just does things that marketers can learn from, such as:

  1. Being the expert – nothing can be more convincing to potential B2B leads than being the expert in the specified field. What are your credentials to prove your expertise in, say, appointment setting? In Einstein’s part, he had degrees from top universities. What about you?
  2. Do not fear to be different – when Einstein presented his theory of relativity, he challenged the thinking of his era. It is the same thing with your business. If you have a marketing idea or concept that differs from the norm, but it may advance your business, then go for it.
  3. Always tell a story – the reason Einstein became popular (aside from E=MC2) is because he presented his work with clear and easy examples for his audience to understand. This is also the same principle that you, as a marketer, should be doing as well. Telemarketing campaigns can also benefit from this, since the lack of visual cues for the audience can make communication hard.
  4. Skip the jargon – Einstein was a mathematician, through and through, but he also knows how to express complex ideas in a clear and understandable form. Avoiding the jargon and corporate-speak that sounds so cool (but empty) will help your business better in the long run.
  5. Connect your marketing to a strong brand or personality – Einstein has the Nobel Prize and the title of Father of Modern Physics to back up his writings. You should do the same as well, creating a strong brand or a strong personality that will carry your marketing content.

As marketers, Einstein is a genius that we might not be able to stand on par with, but we can always emulate his principles. If we can take a page out of his professional book and apply it to our lead generation efforts, then it would be to our advantage.

This post originally posted at Callbox Sales and Marketing Blog