I was in the middle of a conversation not too long ago about the state of business, the economy, and the world in general when the phrase “back to normal” came up. Many of us have probably had moments in which we wished life would get back to normal, whatever it is that may have meant to us, instead of being bombarded by media mentions of the New Normal. The fact is, the New Normal is fluid and it is up to each of us as to how we choose to adapt.

I wrote about this four years ago and cited an article written by global marketing firm JWT which included their summary of the top 10 trends which included wearables (functional and health products you wear), products in smaller sizes, the continuation of “green” best practices, which included people considering the environmental impact of what they eat, as well as the trend away from artificial additives and processed foods in general. Consulting firm Mintel reports that 97% of Millennials are likely to buy store brands, and store brand shoppers are gravitating towards products that list ingredients they recognize and feature prominent claims such as organic, low/no/reduced or made with natural ingredients.

Interestingly, looking at the B2B world where much of the industrial sector is driven by commodity prices and markets (like oil and chemicals), industries perceived as sleepy and slow to innovate have actually done a very good job of changing during the downcycle and innovating to improve their situation in the inevitable upcycle. In many industrial sectors, regulation (local, state, and national), while not always welcomed, has forced change as well. The “Net” is executives in many industrial sectors have known for quite some time there is no such thing as normal.

So, what does all this mean to you? Much of the current recruiting activity is happening at smaller companies that are in their first stage of growing and scaling—or companies which are constantly having to evolve and change. What both have in common is an entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit which runs high. My advice: Take advantage of this changing landscape and embrace the New Normal.