Want Powerful B2B Content

Every industry has its own tools of the trade — carpenters, hair stylists, and yes, even B2B content marketers. These tools are specifically designed to help you create killer content to reach your B2B content marketing strategy goals.

Let’s face it — not all content is created equal. Make sure that your B2B content is crafted to stand out and garner the readership you deserve. To help you do just that, we’ve created a list of our favorite content marketing tools. Some of these tools are free, some have paid versions, yet all are useful and essential components of your content marketing toolkit.

B2B Content Tools of the Trade That Add Umph to Every Piece


Organization is key in effective content creation. Trello is a handy task management tool, which helps you to visualize tasks, see who’s working on what, and set deadlines. It’s like a virtual board of Post-It notes on steroids. Leave specific instructions on each card, attach graphics that you want your team to use,and even assign specific individuals to each step of your project — all of which can be accessed anywhere, any time.

Google Keyword Planner

Keywords are your ticket to ranking on Google and other search engines. If your keywords are random, your audience is going to be equally random and sparse. Keywords need to be thought of strategically, selecting those with little competition, but popular enough to be searchable.

Don’t leave your keywords to chance — use a dedicated keyword tool, such as the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool to find the keywords that fit your needs. These tools will show you how any given keyword measures up — average monthly search volume, competition strength, and cost per click.

Hubspot Topic Generator

Week after week, it gets hard keeping up with a B2B blog. Somewhere after week 30, you feel like you’re circling back to the same old topics. This is where the free Hubspot Topic Generator can be your best friend and ally. Input a general term, and get a week’s worth of blog post topics that will keep your fingers busy.


Need to create content, but running into a mental dead end? This is where Alltop and other content aggregators come into play. This site can give you interesting and useful data in your field that can spark inspiration — and you can turn around and create new content, with a fresh point of view that is all your own.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Your headlines should never be an afterthought — they are arguably the most important part of your content. You need to grab people’s attention in those few short moments, or they’re gone.

Would you like to know how your headline measures up? Enter it into Coschedule’s free headline analyzer, and get a number and letter grade to see where you stand. It also shows you the percentage-rate of power and emotional words in your title, so you can see where you need to improve. Give your content the best possible chance with an attention-grabbing headline.


Visual graphics have become the cornerstone of great B2B content. In fact, researchers have found that colorful visual graphics increased people’s willingness to read an article by an incredible 80%! The same study showed that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

When it comes to visual content, we prefer Canva. It’s free (with a paid version available), and has endless choices of fonts, designs, and colors to enhance your visual content. You can upload your own image, or choose from any of their thousands of stock photos, and size it to be shared on virtually any social media platform.

Blog posts with image content are easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. –Jonathan Gebauer


In any industry, it’s important to know your competitors. Stay on top of what they write about, what resonates, and then see how you can offer a different point of view in your own B2B blog. Ahrefs helps you to do just that. Enter a keyword or the domain of your competitor, track what content is popular, and use it to your advantage.


If only there was a crystal ball to tell you what content will resonate — oh wait, there is! Or at least the next best thing. It’s BuzzSumo. This nifty tool helps you see what people are talking about and sharing on social media, and use it to pack some powerful marketing punches in your own content creation.

Whatever B2B content you create, make sure you’re using the right tools. These tools can help you create content that drives leads and engagement, and gets results.