B2B Go-To-Market Readiness ChecklistThis is not going to be another article about how lack of great content, high levels of audience engagement, compelling offers and finely tuned automation are needed to support high-performing B2B demand generation.

While all of the foregoing are key elements of  successful B2B demand generation, there are a set of prerequisite building blocks that are foundational.  If you are planning to execute a non-trivial demand generation program, you need to ensure that the conditions are there to succeed.

So without further ado, I present to you my “go-to-market readiness checklist.”  Note that the checklist contains three kinds of items, all of which are fundamental.  They are either a process, capability, or asset.  Note that I have learned the hard way through years of experience that there are no short cuts or ways to bypass the need for these building bocks to be in place as a precondition to effective B2B demand generation.

 The Go-To-Market Readiness Checklist

  1. Articulated Corporate Strategic Plan,  Objectives and KPIs
  2. Well-Defined Portfolio Planning Process
  3. Value-Aligned Product/Service Development Process
  4. Well-Defined Marketing Process and Operating Model (Including Collaboration Platform)
  5. Clear Go-To-Market Business Plan
  6. Customer Advocacy Framework
  7. Documented and Adhered-to Sales Process
  8. Account Segmentation Model
  9. Customer Profiles / Buyer Landscape (s) / Solution Maps
  10. Umbrella and Segment-Aligned Value Messaging Framework
  11. Sales Enablement , Training , Prospecting (Foundation, Playbooks, Tools, Deal Win/Loss Analysis, Prospect Generation Discipline)
  12. Competitive / Market Intelligence
  13. Content Universe and Map
  14. Integrated Demand Generation ( Execution Framework, Program Management)
  15. Online Marketing Infrastructure (Web, Social, Marketing Automation, Tools)
  16. Content Marketing (Strategy, Tools)

I plan to dedicate future posts to elaborating on every item in this list.  Yes, it will keep me busy.  Yes, you will learn best practices, and have the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with me and my readers.  And no, you don’t have to use my list—you can do it your way and learn from experience what some B2B marketers already know:  building demand generation programs on a weak marketing foundation is a prescription for failure.  Do you agree?  What are your experiences with challenging demand gen programs and what inhibitors prevented you from achieving unparalleled success?