What is a Meme?

Memes are simple ideas that spread quickly through the internet. They typically take the form of videos or photos. Here are a couple of popular memes:

Grumpy Cat Success Kid

Double Rainbow

Memes and Marketing

While memes are typically thought of as a funny image to share with friends, they can also be utilized as part of a marketing plan to generate buzz and word of mouth. They are a great way to reach an audience, especially through social media. The light-heartedness and easy sharability of these images increase their likelihood of going viral. This is especially useful on Facebook, as this helps to improve your page’s Edgerank, increasing the organic reach of your posts.

Memes can also be a useful way to generate leads. One method for generating leads from memes is by using them to drive traffic to a landing page featuring a valuable and relevant resource, such as a white paper or an eBook, behind a simple, short form.

As with all other marketing tactics, it is a best practice to continuously test in order to derive the greatest results from a meme campaign. We have found that memes related to popular culture posted around lunchtime or after 5:00pm have the highest engagement. While this is true for our page, it may not be true for yours. Test different calls-to-actions, formats and posting times to find the best combination for your Facebook page.

Marketo does a great job of this on their Facebook page:

Launch’s B2B Marketing Memes

We recently created a series of memes focused on B2B marketing and lead generation. Here are a few examples:

As discussed above, we always link the memes to a relevant piece of content, in order to use the memes to drive traffic to our website.

How can you use memes in your company’s marketing campaigns? Be sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for more B2B marketing best practices.

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