For a lot of marketers, it is important to understand who exactly you are serving and how you can best provide for their needs. But there is the problem at this point. How exactly will you understand them? It can get even more complicated if you are in the middle of your B2B lead generation campaign, where you need to know some facts from B2B prospects that you call. Now this is where phone surveys enter the picture. Surveys are part and parcel of businesses, and if properly pulled off, can bring new insights on how you should approach your business prospects. It is all about communicating effectively and being sensitive to what your prospects say.

Still, you need to conduct an actual phone survey to get it done. And this is the point where marketers have the most difficulty with. Considering the negative perception that the market has over telemarketing , and you know that surveys will be a little tricky to pull off. We could pretty much blame it on the overly aggressive tactics of telemarketers, who are all just interested in meeting their sales leads quotas without concern to their effects in the long term success of their efforts. All they did was pretty much annoy the people they contact. You need to be better than that. If you need to know more about your clients and business prospects, then you have to clean up your marketing act. And this is how you will do it:

 1. Be respectful – respect is one aspect of marketing that an unfortunate number of marketers tend to forget. All they focus on is how to get the attention of their audiencewhich makes them think that shoving their products and services into their targets’ faces will get them the sale. Honestly, this tactic will not work at all.

2. Be inquisitive – you are into client profiling, right? For you to understand what the problem of your business prospects is, you really need to ask them questions. And not just any kind of question, mind you, you have to dig deep. You need to ask the difficult ones, the ones that may make the other side uncomfortable, but will also help clear things up with them.

3. Be creative – take note that no two companies are the same. In one way or another, something or someone will always play a role in keeping things different. So are the problems they have to face. If you truly want to give them a solution, you have to ensure that what you offer fits their unique needs. Now that requires some level of creativity on your part.

4. Be resourceful – all right, the door may have been closed on you, but you can always check on the windows and see if there is anyone idly watching. As much as possible, you should take advantage of every B2B appointment setting tool that can help you reach your B2B leads.

If you can truly make your B2B lead generation efforts proper, then your client profiling tasks would be much easier.

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