Remember the lemonade stand? Oftentimes it’s one of the most common suggestions you’d give to kids getting bored with summer.

In fact, it’s so common, so cartoony, you’d think somebody would give a better suggestion these days. But then again, you’ve probably never heard of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Everyone likes to break the norm when making business suggestions. After all, it’s hard getting software leads when your pitches aren’t that much different from any other enterprise vendor.

But just like the lemonade stand, maybe a common suggestion can be a little more helpful than something unconventional.

This might actually be a bit counterintuitive for software companies. Yours is the industry of innovation, always challenging norms, and coming up with unexpected ways to improve business processes through technology.

It almost makes zero sense to approach a prospect and suggest an old solution to an old problem.

Then again, almost.

Prospects want solutions, period

A prospect doesn’t actually care if you’re offering something new or old. The ideas can play on their emotions a little bit but what really gets them interested (and closer to buying) is still the promise of a solution.

It’s like when Robin Williams gives alternatives to drug abuse (4:50). Sometimes if your customer wants something done you actually have to tell them to do it themselves. (You’re not going to wait for another customer service nightmare for that are you?)

Current solutions still work

If it’s not broke, why fix it? This kind of thinking works well even with technology and business processes. It may be true that they’re far from perfect but hey, it gets the job done.

Again, let’s look back at Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Just recently it made news when Bon Jovi made a surprise appearance in one of its fundraisers.

Maybe instead of looking for new ways to solve problems, you should be getting more proof that your current solutions work. For all you know, maybe the reason why you’re not as celebrated by your customers is because you don’t do it for yourself more often. Don’t be afraid get software leads via their recommendations. Give the more incentive to recommend your products to their peers.

Sometimes the best ideas are really just spins on old ones. Don’t waste time trying to come up with ‘original’ answers when the problems have long been anything but. Don’t underestimate old-fashioned suggestions when it comes to acquiring your software leads.