How do you do account-based marketing? Here’s a list of 22 tactics account-based marketers can use to reach and engage their target companies, expand the funnel, and create advocates for their product or service offering. If you’ve been looking for a long list of ABM strategies, you’ve found it.

Pick and choose from the list according to the best fit for your company’s budget, industry, and B2B marketing approach.


CONTENT — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

1. Personalize sales enablement content

Make your prospects feel special by personalizing your sales outreach. Marketing can provide custom fields for Sales to edit before they send off downloadable offers to influencers at your target accounts.

2. Create offers designed to initiate a personal meeting

Certain offers can prompt a face-to-face, or conference call meeting with a prospect. Free evaluations or assessments, free quality scores, or free consultations are excellent account-based marketing tactics that allow you to build a non-digital relationship with your target accounts.

3. Mention target accounts within blog content

Make affirmational mentions of your target accounts within your blog content. This will not only allow you to mention them on twitter (see tip #5), but it will also build respect and appreciation between yourself and the prominent players at the companies you target. Most companies have alerts in place that notify them whenever their company name is mentioned on the internet, and you can use this handy feature to draw their attention.

4. Personalize your website’s user experience

Insert dynamic fields into your website that change to the name of the account, or to the person’s name, when the prospect revisits your website. Welcome them personally and thank them for coming back.

SOCIAL — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

5. Tap target account mentions on social

After you’ve mentioned a target account in a blog article or other form of shareable content, be sure to tag or mention them on social media in order to draw their attention, as well as the attention of their extended network.

6. Create twitter lists of leaders at target companies

Enhance your engagement with target accounts by creating twitter lists of those companies. Monitor the streams of tweets and engage appropriately on the ones that are relevant to your industry, company, or offering. Quick note — adding people to (public) twitter lists also sends them a notification, which generates an extra impression.

PAID MEDIA — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

7. Facebook custom audiences

Facebook allows advertisers to define a custom audience based on a number of factors including email address, phone number, name, date of birth, gender, location, app user IDs, Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA), or Android’s advertising ID. Use these identifiers and narrow the scope of your Facebook advertising to target your list of accounts.

8. Adwords Customer Match advertising

Google AdWords relies on email addresses to create custom lists. When an individual from a target company is signed into their Google account, AdWords will serve them search ads, gmail ads, and/or youtube ads, resulting in hyper-targeted ad touches.

9. Twitter tailored audiences

Twitter tailored audiences can be built in three ways. First, advertisers can input a list of Twitter handles to whom they wish to advertise. Second, advertisers can add a Twitter tag to their website and retarget those viewers with twitter ads. Third, if you have a mobile app, you can retarget app users.

10. LinkedIn company targeting

Among the plethora of targeting methods available for LinkedIn ads, the platform enables company-specific targeting. Media managers can identify company accounts on LinkedIn and serve ads to the key influencers at those companies.

11. Account-based retargeting

A number of social platforms support retargeting capabilities based on a previous action a user at a target account has taken (or not taken), such as clicking an ad or visiting your website.

Using the account-based marketing tactic of retargeting, media managers are able to serve up exactly the right content the prospect needs to help them move further down the funnel. For example, if the prospect clicked on an ad for an eBook, offer them a case study ad next. If they click the case study ad, follow up with a demo ad. If they didn’t click the case study ad, offer them a consideration-stage eBook.

12. Test ABM ad platforms

There’s an array of ABM martech platforms that use advanced targeting methods to locate your target companies on the web. These platforms use cookies and IP addresses to identify your target companies, and/or find specific individuals at those companies. Submit your list of target accounts, and these platforms will find them and help you convert them.

EMAIL — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

13. Create highly personalized email sequences

Email is the best platform for highly personalized communication. These messages aren’t blasted social posts or sidebar display advertisements. They’re sent directly from one inbox to another. So make them personal to your prospects, leads, or opportunities. This is one of the most effective account-based marketing tactics B2B marketers can use to reach out to contacts.

14. Send creative (and helpful) emails to your ABM contacts

Because email is a highly personal form of communication, unsolicited emails can often be viewed as a nuisance. So help your prospects by being courteous, creative, relevant, and brief. Protect your account-based marketing email contacts. Mass unsubscribes from your ABM lists could be a devastating blow to the success of your campaign. Mind the frequency, length, and subject lines of your emails and treat your targets well.

15. Discover connections through employees who aren’t in sales

There’s a chance that someone else from your company has connected with some of the influencers on your target account list. Maybe they connected at an industry event, or worked together on a collaborative project. Check around and see if you can name-drop or be introduced to the prospect through a neutral third-party.

DIRECT MARKETING — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

16. Gift box mailers to executives

Bypass the inbox altogether and send executives at target accounts an enticing gift box that will land right on their desk. Include a personal note and informational content specific to their role. But don’t just fill the box full of promotional material — include a real gift that they’ll enjoy.

17. Gift boxes sent to the entire company (depending on size)

Depending on the size of the company, account-based marketers can also send larger gift boxes full of goodies for the entire company. The buzz generated at these firms will create a lot of curious questions about which awesome company sent the gift. As an added bonus, it might generate some social media buzz, too.

SPONSORED EVENTS — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

18. Uncover as many details as possible about a sponsored event

Before a conference or event, check the list of sponsors and set up social media alerts. Gather as much intel as possible on the types of attendees that will be in attendance, and make sure your event staff is familiar with any target accounts you suspect may attend. For those target accounts that you know will be there, do your research and try to remember their names. Be as personable as possible!

19. Tie pre-event outbound efforts to booth visits

Outbound emails can be sent prior to the event in order to tap potential target account attendees and let them know you’ll be at the event. Invite them to stop by your booth for a firm handshake and a good conversation.

20. Invite target accounts to happy hour parties or sales dinners

Social parties or dinners are excellent account-based marketing tactics to use during the course of events. Co-sponsor an event with a partner company to double your invite list for a happy hour event. Or, host a sales dinner and invite current customers to sit next to invitees from your target accounts. No one can sell your product better than a current customer, after all.

HOSTED EVENTS — Account-Based Marketing Tactics

21. Host local events for local prospects

If you have a set of local accounts, host an industry event and invite your list of target companies to attend. But make it worth their while. Order great food, serve nice drinks, choose a convenient, voguish venue, and select a speaker who will come prepared and deliver a great presentation. At the end of the night, your attendees should want to be invited back.

22. Take a field marketing road tour to cities with a high concentration of target accounts

If your list of target companies is concentrated in another city, consider a road tour. Take your event to another city and venue with a new list of attendees. Get a local, thought-leading speaker and invite current customers in the area. Be sure to promote the event strategically beforehand, connecting with local brands who will agree to attend the event and invite others.