appointment setting, lead generation, inside sales

One of the backbones of B2B lead generation is appointment setting. In business, hard-selling isn’t the best way to go about increasing revenue because no one is willing to buy something that a telemarketer tries to pitch them at the drop of a hat. Much thought and consideration goes into striking a business deal and that’s why sales appointments are needed to strengthen your chances of closing your prospects.

So who’s responsible for setting business appointments? Is it a phone call? Is it an email message? No, the answer is people. People are responsible for making your calls; people are the ones who send out your emails. So in order for your lead generation campaign to succeed, you need to have the right kind of people in your company.

Generating leads through appointment setting is one of the best ways to go about things in the world of B2B. As said above, your campaign is going to be better when you have the right kind of people working for you.

Here are the different kinds of people you want as part of your appointment setting campaign:

1. The hard workers – The title is pretty self-explanatory. These are the people in your team that come in real early and start prepping their needed tools. These are the guys and gals who go the extra mile and leave the office real late – even willing to go on overtime to meet production or go over the quota.

2. The problem solvers – These are the people that try their best to provide the best solutions to your prospects. As part of your lead generation program, these people are the ones who will try hardest to understand the critical issues that your prospects have within their company so that they can retort with an effective solution to the problem.

3. The relationship builders – Once again a self-explanatory title. These groups of people are the ones that focus on building relationships between you and your prospects. Well, it may not be your company that is establishing a relationship with your prospects but rather your inside sales reps are. Relationship builders are the ones who will be most beneficial when you do lead nurturing.

There are always different kinds of people in the workplace. We have funny ones, dull ones, and even ones that turn the whole office inside and out. Results in appointment setting can vary on your staff though so it is best that you have different kinds of people with unique traits as part of your team.

So what do you think about these kinds of people and having them as part of your appointment setting team? Want to see results? If yes, then look for these traits in order to make your campaign bloom!