Last fall, MarketingProfs reported that “Business-to-business (B2B) marketers’ confidence in content marketing continues to grow; content marketing usage rates are up from last year; and, not surprisingly, marketers with a documented content strategy are having the greatest success, according to just-released research.” But the key question is do you know the content topics that are trending and resonate the most? Knowing the topics that drive the greatest interest among B2B marketers at both small/medium and enterprise level businesses can greatly raise your campaign’s success.

Madison Logic recently completed key content marketing research in Q1 2014 with our Content Consumption Monitoring technology, which monitors over 60M content interactions across a span of 1,300 topics each month.

Below is the interactive infographic we created on the data. Click on this link so you can test your knowledge of marketers’ biggest priorities when it comes to viewing content. You will receive a score based on your ranking of the topics that lets you know how your business content priority knowledge stands up – find out if your knowledge is that of a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between. Care to test your knowledge?

Link to Quiz:

The infographic (Click to zoom):