Suppose your lead generation process is like a simple craftsman’s shop. Potential customers see its windows and you, the owner, represent the lead generation process as you address anyone who finally manages enter the door. So far, business has been good. You’ve had a good number of ERP leads for the day.

Suddenly, another one comes in. This one is different? You want to know how? Everyone’s starting at them with a loss for words. Is it a lord? Is it a king?

No, it’s a big brand! Think Apple, Facebook, or even Google itself! They’re in your shop, in your lead generation process, and they could be a potential customer. It’s so sudden, so shocking. It’s almost impossible!

But then again, it isn’t. Unfortunately, the lack of belief is exactly why some ERP companies feel unprepared to pitch themselves when an industry giant miraculously winds up at their own doorstep.

No matter how unlikely, the shock of seeing a famous company or brand coming through your funnel shouldn’t be enough to cripple your process. You’re exercising plenty of marketing discipline and best practices to generate ERP leads. You’re supposed to brace for the unexpected. This shouldn’t be an exception.

With that said, here’s a short list of things to NOT do when a big brand suddenly becomes a possible ERP lead:

  • Don’t panic – Yes, you want a sale out of this company. It could be a turning point in your own history (and even theirs). However, don’t start thinking of several ways your lead generator could screw up. Tell all people on the floor to calm down and keep doing business as usual. It’s best to assume these prospects need to be qualified as normally and professionally as they want.
  • Don’t throw a party – Forget counting chickens before they hatch. Not every representative of a big brand would like a party thrown just because they gave you a phone call or filled out a contact form. You can do that after you’ve closed the deal. Don’t still your lead qualification process with too much excitement.
  • Don’t freeze up – This is similar to panic but instead of erratic actions, everyone just basically freezes up. Your quality analysts don’t know what to do. Everyone is looking everyone else without a clue. What’s really wrong with this picture is that everyone would’ve known exactly what to do if they were just processing ‘regular’ ERP leads.

Alongside Don’ts, there is one big Do. Do get a grip on your lead generators and sales reps. If you’ve got a decent enough sales process, it should be enough to at least connect and qualify with anybody without a fuss. That includes people who represent industry giants.