Part of growing a business requires investing in a few important assets, and, considering these assets can often constitute spending large amounts of money, which are well worth keeping track of. Whether it is computers, software or people, knowing what assets you have and keeping track of them is just part of good business. The following ideas will help you make sure that you know exactly what assets you have and where they are.


 One of the most valuable assets that a business will have is its fleet of vehicles; especially when they are transporting precious staff or products around. Using GPS, it is possible for you to easily track each and every vehicle in your fleet so that you know exactly where they are at all times. This can make recovering a stolen vehicle simple and easy, as well as enable you to provide up to date information to your customers on the status of a product delivery. Whether your vehicles are transporting cattle or gold, having a GPS will make it easy to track its every movement from point A to point B.

IT Assets

Keeping track of your IT assets will offer two benefits. The most significant benefit is that you will know exactly what equipment you have, allowing for improved asset management. Secondly, knowing what you have will make it a whole lot easier when it comes to keeping everything safe. Once you have an up to date and thorough inventory, record the serial numbers, or any other relevant identification codes, that are related to any and all of your IT assets. This way you will have an effective means of asset tracking, so if something is ever taken you will know exactly what is missing and you’ll have a way to identify it when it turns up again.

Office Supplies

Over the course of an average year, the cost of office supplies can be quite significant, making it worth while to keep track of what happens with those thousands of dollars worth of business assets each year. Establish a system whereby one person has the duty of administering the supplies while keeping track of who has what. You don’t need to restrict numbers of anything, because simply making it clear that office supplies are being tracked will lessen the chance of theft.


Staff members are far and away the most important assets for any business, but tracking them can be difficult because you don’t want to invade their privacy. If you find it necessary to have workers under surveillance, such as with casino workers or others dealing with large amounts of money, you have a legal obligation to inform the workers that they are being watched, giving them the option as to whether or not they are willing to be closely observed while at work. Another great way to keep track of your staff members is to periodically engage with them one-on-one. By doing this, you can keep track of their emotional wellbeing and help them overcome any problems they might be experiencing at work.