b2b lead generation

Have you ever walked into your office and notice something lacking? Maybe there is the absence of your favorite smell from your air freshener, or a lack of papers stacked on your desk, or worse, a sever deficiency of qualified b2b leads.

Getting low scores for your b2b lead generation campaign is an invitation to a severe headache. Businesses need solutions to their problems, not probable excuses. However, to find out the right answers to your business-to-business marketing needs, you need to know what it was that caused this discrepancy.


  1. You generate leads. You set appointments. You have a sale. Period. Do not ever forget that to get easier and profitable revenues from existing clientèle is to find new ones. Always make the effort to keep customers educated about your company and inform them of the latest news surrounding your business. This will allow them to upgrade their purchases into buying more than what they have originally planned.
  2. The “I have heard this story before…” bit. Prospects like to compare – A LOT. They will always tell you that another company contacted them at an earlier time offering the same products and services. What you need to do is for you to find your business edge’ over your competitors. Go for the extra mile to get more b2b leads and sales.
  3. Rushing everyone and everything to shorten the sales cycle. Woah! Slow down. We all know that you are itching to gain more profit and revenue for your business, but it does not mean you have to speed things up immensely. Take a step back a little and build some engagement with your leads. Give them the best customer service that you can provide for them. Happy clients will get you maximum profits as they bring you more sales from referrals.
  4. No man is an island. And no lead generator works by himself. Do not play the role of a hero for your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign. Always make use of the skills and talents of other people within your team. If you are an expert at generating quality b2b leads but not about closing sales, then get in touch with a person from your company that knows how to do it properly.
  5. Budget cuts are now becoming the norm for your business. Sometimes you cannot control the fact that you might have to crunch the budget a bit for the stability of your business. If the cut involves your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign, not to worry as there are a lot of choices for you to choose for your business marketing course. You can select from b2b telemarketing services, direct mail, Internet marketing, among many.

Mistakes will always be present, even if you think your b2b lead generation campaign is already at its best. Know these mistakes well and you can find the most viable solution to counteract them.

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