lead generation, B2B telemarketing

Ever since the entrance of email marketing into how marketers generate B2B leads, the direct mailing scene has seemed to die down a bit. With email marketing being cheaper and having a far wider reach, not to mention being faster than direct mail marketing, it is not a wonder how this form of lead generation has become a popular choice among marketers. Although email marketing does draw in a lot of leads, its effectiveness and conversion rates do not exactly look pleasing if left alone. That is why some combine email marketing with their other marketing approaches to increase its effectiveness.

Email marketing is a great way of allowing your prospects to opt-in for a B2B telemarketing campaign. Because you notify your prospects before you make a call, you can effectively filter out interested ones and spend less time chasing loose ends. Here are some tips when combining email marketing with B2B telemarketing for lead generation purposes.

Keep to the K.I.S.S principle – When using emails as an opt-in for your prospects to receive a sales call from you, keep your content short and simple. K.I.S.S stands for keep it short and simple, and even though they say content is king, too much content can bore your prospects and wave their interests in your products and services. So when emailing prospects about your company and if they would like to set up a call with you, keep to the K.I.S.S principle. Tell them only what they need to know and what matters to them; you don’t need to sugarcoat your emails.

Schedule for the best day and time – Once your prospects have agreed to receiving a call from your company, then you’re going to need to set up the phone meeting. Make sure to base the appointment schedule on your prospect’s time; you need to show that you put a certain level of priority on them and would like to meet them on their playing field. So when scheduling your phone appointment with your prospects, ask for the best day and time to schedule the call. Also, don’t forget to ask for the best number to reach them at.

Appointment set? Make the call – The next step in the process would be, of course, to make the call. It all falls upon your sales team now. If a good lead is to be generated from the end of the interaction between your prospect and representative, then this is where it will all happen. So just wait until the results come out. If your prospected is an interested one, then they will surely become a good lead which you can nurture until they become sales ready. Don’t forget to pre-qualify your prospects during the process of the call. You might as well make the most out of a single call to make sure they meet your set parameters.

Always give the option to unsubscribe – During the process of your emailing prospects, always make sure to include the option to unsubscribe/opt-out of your list. This shows them that you are a professional company and can respect their requests. The option to opt-out should never be something to forget putting into your emails.

These tips should help you with combining email marketing with your B2B telemarketing campaign. Hopefully, you find them useful and beneficial to your cause.