Following the launch of the iPhone in 2007, consumers have anxiously awaited every next move Apple will make. From new devices, to new operating systems, to application updates, buzz constantly surrounds the company. With the September release of iOS 7 and the iPhones 5s and 5C, we’ve decided to break down what makes Apple so successful and how we as marketers can apply these tactics to our everyday marketing campaigns.

Lesson 1: Produce less noise, more quality

“Channels are saturated, with more adverts than ever taking up longer break periods. As a consequence, viewers senses have been numbed, their brains trained to tune off between their favorite entertainment programs.”

The same could be said for digital advertising today. Online consumers have become so accustomed to seeing advertisements or self-promotion from companies, that they are not really seeing these ads at all.

Get visitors’ attention by simplifying digital ads:

  • Less is more: instead of displaying as much info as possible into your advertising space, simplify your message to display only your most enticing offer or call to action.
  • Rather than blasting everyone with the same content and call to action [aka noise], segment your audience and ramp up your targeting to serve an ad that is more relevant to each visitor type. Then carry that relevant message onto your site when the visitor clicks through.

Lesson 2: Have something for everyone

Apple knows that the iPhone has a variety of different uses for a variety of types of users.

  • Not every visitor clicking on your ads or coming to your site is the same. Even if your brand markets a single product, consumers are interested in knowing how a product addresses their specific needs and challenges.

Lesson 3: Create a brand that speaks for itself

Apple has trumped all when it comes to free word-of-mouth advertising. Apple is actually absent on all social networking platforms (except for YouTube), but their products excite their customers to discuss them online consistently:

  • When searched, “iPhone” brings up over 2.58 billion results, only 2 of which from
  • Between August 17th and September 16th, the keyword “#iPhone” was tweeted about close to 9 million times.
  • Their most viewed video on YouTube currently has 9,016,938 views

Give customers an experience with your brand that they will want to share. Now, we’re not saying erase your brand’s social presence, but do create a product that excites consumers and motivates them to share their experiences online.

Want more info on how to segment your audience and provide a personalized experience with your brand?